Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ten Random Questions Tag

I was tagged by Daminika for this tag and it sounded like a lot of fun! :)

#1 What natural disaster are you most afraid of? 

Ummm... I'd have to say forest fire. (if that counts?)
 Ever since the drought and we had an outbreak of fires, I've had this thing for being burnt alive... *shudder*
 If it doesn't count, I guess I'd say tornados.... Brrr.....

#2 What is something you loved doing when you were little?

Gathering 'wheat' (grass) from the field, in great big bundles and laying them to dry out in the sun before beating them and pretending to make flour.
 I also loved playing Oregon Trail after swimming, using our beach towels as bedrolls and trekking for miles across the dusty trail, as well as playing The Oregon Trail game on my Grandpa's computer. (still do!) 

#3 If you had to change your first name, what would it be?

Well, I actually like my name... lol
 But if I were to change it, I guess I'd like something like Luana, or Beulah, maybe Eleanor ... so soft and pretty.

#4 What is something weird you do (or used to)?

hehe I'm weird all-together.....
 But I guess one strange thing I did as a child was run across blackberry bushes barefoot, just to prove that I wasn't 'a city-slicker', (the ultimate insult in my house) and oh, yes, eating ants
 You read that right. Ants.
 They were like sand in your teeth, and if you missed biting one, it tickled on the way down.... (Too much information?)

#5 What era would you enjoy dressing up in?

Just one?
 I LOVE historical clothing, so it'd be hard to pick only one.
1860's, 1930's, 40's and 50's are just to name a few. :)

#6 If you were to move from where you live, where would it be?

I like where I am just fine, thank you. ;)
 But if I were to move, it probably be Colorado or Wyoming. Somewhere like that, with big mountains and plenty of ranches.

#7 What is your dream vacation?

Ooooh, boy. *chuckles*
 I've got lots of places I want to visit.
A road trip across the Southwest, a cruise to the Caribbean, or traveling across Europe and Rome....
 Anywhere, really, as long as it doesn't involve too much city or people. ;)

#8 What style is your dream wedding?

 A mixture of western, retro and fairytale....
 Hey, we said we are dreaming, here, so don't judge me! ;)

#9 Favorite style of music?

Country, Crooners, and old-time rock.
 Mainly country. (Hooray for Hank Williams)
OLD country, that is. Click here, here, and here for my singers posts!

#10 Do you read more than one book at a time?

Oh, sure all the time. haha 
 Well, sometimes.
 I used to read Nancy Drew books at the same time.
I timed myself and could finish one book in a half-hour!
 I WRITE more than one book at a time. lol

And that's it!

I tag:
Julia @ The Barefoot Gal

Your questions!
#1 What style is your dream wedding?
#2 Favorite style of music?
#3 What is your dream vacation?
#4 If you were to move from where you live, where would it be?
#5 What era would you enjoy dressing up in?
#6 Cats or dogs?
#7 What era would you want to live in?
#8 If you could, which historical event would you like to witness?
#9 What's your favorite snack?
#10 What fictional character do you just LOVE?

Guidelines:Use the header if you want.
Answer the questions. 
Tag anyone you'd like to. 
Choose five of the questions you answered and make up five more of your own for the people you tagged to answer.


  1. Enjoyed this! These are fun to read :) <3

  2. Oh goodness!
    I had completely forgotten about running across the blackberries and eating ants!
    I did it too but I'm sure you did it a lot more.
    I remember trying to get the ant into my mouth as it scurried all over my hand. *shakes head*
    What in the world was wrong with us?

    1. hehe I don't know...
      But I bet they gave us plenty of nutrients! haha

  3. Or we raised across the rock driveway bare foot to toughen our feet for summer after a long winter LOL
    At first we looked like wobbly old ladies! But gotta say, we got good at it *wink*

  4. I have to say I have never ate ants....Crazy family I have! But....Racing across gravel to toughen up my feet worked wonders;-):-P

  5. I'd say forest fires count. I'm scared of them too. I have to say - if we hadn't gone on two vacations during the drought I probably would've lost my mind (more than I did) and the nightmares probably would've been worse. But we lived through it - even though we were breathing in smoke almost 24/7. *coughs at the thoughts*
    Eating ants? Yeah... I was a wise child and just screamed when you did that. *wrinkles nose*
    I never was very good at the "barefoot race" across gravel... But by the end of summer I would get better. ;P
    I like where we live too. But if I had to answer that question,I would say New Hampshire. ;P
    Haha! Your dream wedding is kinda like mine... only I'm not sure if I'd have as much western in mine. ;P
    I was going to tag Julia, but I figured you would - I hope she does it! =D

  6. Enjoyed this! I'm scared of forest fires too,Eating ANTS! You were gross my dear! *winks*

  7. I remember eating ants, but I think it was only twice. I remember doing it for someone...Marita perhaps? and I was ever so proud of myself! Haha! :)