Friday, January 27, 2017

Cowboy Boots in the Rain

I want to give you a piece of advice:
 If you are going to wear cowboy boots outside when doing chores( like I do), I'd suggest you be careful where you step!
 A few days ago I was informed my sisters and I had to clean out the chicken coop.
Yay. That's always fun. *not* lol
 Anyways, I was feeling pretty good that morning, all chirp and ready to go, so I donned my working clothes, pulled on my trusty boots and skipped on out to do the job.
 I even sang while I shoveled all that dirty wood shavings and chicken waste, quite content as I worked.
 We had just finished, and Liberty said the wheelbarrow was too heavy for any of us to push, but I was confident I could handle it.
 I could have, too, except the coop is on a hill....
I grabbed a hold, grunted at the weight, and pushed with all my might.
 Well...I happened to be standing on a perfectly slick pile of mud and grass, and my boots are the awesome kind without any rubber soles or grips.
 My feet slid right out from under me and fell forward, doing a perfectly-aimed face-plant into the edge of the wheelbarrow.
I kind of just kneeled there in the mud for a while, Liberty hovering over me and asking if I was ok and I took off my glasses, handing them to her while I tried to breath again.
 My nose started to bleed by then, my lip was already swelling up to the size of Texas, and I was positive I had broken my nose.
 She had to help me to the house and by then I started twitching and trembling from the pain...
Let me tell you, it hurt!
 I finally got the bleeding to stop, and wandered around the house with an ice pack on my face, trying not to cry.
 Well, I didn't succeed and had to go hide in my bedroom for a while. *blushes*
I haven't really cried in a long time, but I really let er' go then.
 I must admit I felt marvelously uplifted when I was finished, besides the throbbing face, of course.  
I didn't go to church that Sunday. Again. I'm pretty sure I'm stuck here until spring! ;)
 But the swelling has finally went down, thankfully, and I am so happy to have my own face back!
I'll never complain of having a big nose again. ;)

 Valentine's Day is almost here, guys!
I don't know why, but I've always loved the holiday.
 I don't have anyone to give me a Valentine, but, it's still such a sweet and romantic affair. *sighs*
Guess I'll just have to keep on dreaming until my Valentine comes along.

What do you for Valentine's Day?



  1. OH NO!! Ouch! That sounds like it hurt, LaKaysha! :(
    Hope you feel better soon.
    I totally agree—sometimes it just feels nice to have a good ol' cry. ;)

    1. It's much better now, thank you. :)
      It felt wonderful I'll admit. lol :D

  2. OUUCHHHH (tho I kinda was hoping for a photo??!LOL #sorrynotsorry) sounds painful :P

    *tells myself to never do what Lakaysha did*

    1. lol I didn't take any photos...
      I avoided the mirror as much as possible, and hid from cameras.
      It was just too awful. I didn't look like myself.
      But it is healing nicely, and I can show myself in public now. ;)

  3. It must have hurt really bad - you were pounding the ground with your fist.
    It's too bad that you didn't to church that Sunday, but you can make up for that this Sunday! =D
    I love Valentines Day too! I walk through Walmart and just die at all the adorable stuffed animals and chocolates! Someday our Valentines will come... ;P

    1. It was pretty bad. ;)
      I hope so... Mine seems to be taking his jolly time. :P ;)

  4. I have to say, I am kinda glad I wasn't home while all this drama was happening! *nervous giggle*
    You DID look awful! Not even like yourself in anyway. And that black bruise inside your mouth? *shutter*

    I too am glad you are back to yourself! LOL

  5. I am glad your back to your self again! Your Valentine will come someday! <3

  6. I am sorry you got hurt :( SO glad you are back to your old self :) <3

  7. Yeah, that bruise you got didn't look so good! Glad you're feeling better! :)