About Me

I am LaKaysha, a nineteen year old child of God and washed in the blood of Jesus Christ, graduated homeschooler and a stay-at-home daughter.
This is me:

 If you are wondering how to pronounce my name, just say it like it is spelled. ;)

I am the second to the eldest of five, live in a wonderful home beneath the mountains, enjoy reading, writing, drawing, singing, playing piano, and listening to music, along with some painting, cuddling with babies and puppies, and driving fourwheelers. ;)
 Pastels are my favorite colors, although I love all colors and shades, lace is a must, and I love dressing up as feminine as possible, as long as I am modest. :)
 I love heels, mountains, pearls, rivers and criks, the ocean, porch swings and screen doors... anything old and retro, typewriters, antiques...  
 Okay, so I have a lot of interests. ;)
I am a history buff, a strong Patriot, and believe every girl should embrace her womanhood with a cheerful heart for the glory of God.
 I have a habit of disappearing into my own world, with my thoughts and prayers, and enjoy being alone, as long as I have a family to go back to when I leave my thoughts. ;)
 I have a large extended family, and love it!

My blog is kind of random, and you will find a wide variety of subjects to read about.
 Fashion, reading, writing, prayer, everyday experiences, and even some politics tossed in!  

The reason for the title of my blog: Calico and Lace, is because it explains me perfectly.
 I love lace, pink, and anything feminine, but I also love anything practical, country, and rustic.

I hope my blog will be able to comfort, encourage, advise, teach and entertain you in your walk through this life, and may God bless you.



  1. I love you, LaKaysha!!!! :):):) <3

  2. already am in love with your blogging style!

    1. Well, thank you very much! :D
      It's always so awesome to hear from my followers!

  3. Good morning! I came across your blog and have been enjoying poking round a little. Nice to meet a fellow eighteen year old who is second in their family! :)
    Newest fan and follower right here. :) God bless!

    1. Well, hello!
      Thank you for dropping your greetings, and for following me! :D