Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kirsten Jean

Today is the nineteenth birthday of my dearest, deepest friend, Kirsten Jean!
 You've heard me mention her on here many times, so she isn't a complete stranger to ya'll. *winks*
Being a cousin, I've known her since she was born, and we've made a lot of wonderful memories together. <3
 Her family moved back East when we were still young, but we kept in touch with letters, and visits back and forth, so we never really grew too much apart.
 Although I was just a tad bit more girly, we were tomboys when we young, running around with wild hair and barefeet.
 When they did move back out West, it was like she had never left, and I began to grow closer to her, and now she is the sweetest, greatest friend I've ever had.

 Kirsten has blossomed into a beautiful, lovely young woman, and I respect her so much for her attitude towards life, wishing I could be more like her.
  She has a kind, caring heart, plucky, happy nature and she just shines God's light when she walks into a room, that sweet smile of hers making everyone feel loved and wanted.
 Always ready to serve, to listen to what I have to say, even when it gets old.
Whenever I'm feeling blue, I tell Kirsten.
 Whenever I'm feeling happy, I tell Kirsten.
I can go to her with anything, and I know she'll listen and understand, and always has some wise words for me whenever I'm feeling down.
 She seems to draw me closer to God, and I pray I can be as uplifting as she is.
When I feel like giving up, she shows me that everything happens for a purpose and to stay strong.
 She can get pretty crazy at times, and we all love her for it! <3
I'm shy and reserved in public, but Kirsten Jean seems to somehow draw me out of my shell, and helps me step out of my comfort zone.
 She has her insecurities like all of us, like feeling too goofy at times, (never!) and feeling like she isn't pretty enough, but that makes me love her all the more!
 Am I the only one here who thinks she's beautiful? *dies because she's just so cute!*
Kirsten is the picture of a Proverbs 31 Woman, (even though she isn't married) she serves her family with a caring attitude, even when I'm sure it gets hard and tiring, and she seeks God with a sincere heart.
 She adores her siblings and parents; although she isn't verbal on the subject, and she shows how much she loves her family through her actions.
 She's the greatest girl I've ever known, and I'm so blessed to have her for a friend!
It'll be a hard day when some nice young man comes and takes her away from me. *winks*
 And he better be a good guy, because she deserves the best! *takes fighting stance*
I love you, Kirsten Jean!
 Stay true to who are you, and who God made you to be.
Thanks for being there for me, thank you for being you! <3

 Happy Birthday!!!!


  1. Aww, thanks!!! This is the sweetest thing I've ever read, like seriously! I love you too, because you are awesome and adorable and because you are you😊😃

  2. You made this momma smile. How did I get so blessed to be her momma? Yes, she is all that for sure!

  3. She sure is special!! Love that girl! <3

  4. Yes, Kirsten is one special girl! :)