Saturday, February 2, 2019

Question//I Need Your Help

I tried to get the theme as much as I could 

I have been working on a novel for some time now, and I am happy to say it's been a slow, steady progress. I hope to be finished with it before 2020, but we will see...
 Anyways, I have been toying around with a title for quite a while, but nothing seems to really catch my attention. 
I was wondering if the blogger world could help me!
 First, I better give you a quick summary of the main plot point.

Setting: Eastern Oregon (fictional town in the mountains) 1939-1945 

Themes: God's everlasting love, dealing with grief, World War II, music, the bond of family

Characters: A young girl, newly married. A Christian mountain family

Although Katie is the main character in this story, there are many key characters that play a big role and the book basically centers around the entire Hayes family. 
 After losing their father, the family struggles to cope with the empty place at table, and the members slowly begin to pull away from each other. 
Katherine, "Katie", is newly married and also has to learn to cope with the problems and joys of marriage, while trying to find a way to bring the family back together again. 
 Without giving away too many spoilers, the family has to deal with a lot more grief later on in the book, and only the strength and love of God can keep them from completely falling apart. 
 *bounces a little in the chair, because I want to tell so much moooore*

Because of the Hayes' love for music, I was toying around with the idea of using a song title or lyric for the book's title. 

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow? 

He Leadeth Me? 

 Maybe a hymn? Or even an old folk song? Or even a Bible-verse-inspired title? What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below! I'm kind of stuck right now

Friday, January 11, 2019

Unique Blogger Award

So waaaaaaaaay back in November, Shantelle tagged me for this. 
 After a few months absence, I have decided to give blogging one more try, so... Better late than never. Right?

Anywho. Rules:

Answer all the questions asked by the blogger who nominated you
Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
Nominate 8 to 13 bloggers for the same award
Ask 3 questions

1. What are you passionate about? Tell us all about it!
 I'm an American history geek. I'm not ashamed to say it. 
Typically, I am the most passionate about the wars in America's pasts, but some peaceful times catch my interest as well. (The Lewis and Clark Expedition<33333, The Oregon Trail, Jim Bridger and other mountain men, The Great Depression; if that's considered peaceful...) 
 I used to be a huge Civil War fanatic, and I still am, mind you, but the war that grabs at my heart and mind is definitely the Second World War. 
 I mean, they were called the Greatest Generation for a reason, and they deserve to be remembered. <3

2. What is one of the best books, novel or nonfiction, that you've read in your lifetime? What is it you love about it?
That's a tough one.....I've read so many books. 
Uncle Tom's Cabin is a book that never fails to dig deep into my heart and reminds me of how strong the love of Christ can be. It gives us the strength to forgive even the most wicked enemy.

I just know I'm going to think of six more after I click the 'publish' button. *shrugs*

3. What is your favorite holiday? Why
I'd have to say either Christmas or Independence Day. 
 Christmas is kind of a given. Who doesn't love the warm feeling it brings, as the household buzzes around, preparing for the holiday? The smells, sounds, and sights are something that stays in your mind for years. 
 Independence Day has always been an exciting time for me. Maybe because I'm such a patriot? I don't know. 
 There's something about the smell of gunpowder, the sound of fireworks, the speeches and songs that make your heart swell and you sincerely pray, 'God bless America'. 
I tag: 

1. What is one sound that will always remind you of being a kid? 

2. What is one of the best movies you've watched in your lifetime? 

3. What is your favorite country song? 

If any of you would like to do it, feel free! 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2018 Wrap Up// HUGE Photo Dump

It's a new year!
 And because I have been absent for over three months, this post is going to be loaded with photos, so if you can make it to the bottom, well.... I'll think of something to give you. *wink*

Highlights of this past year: 

 It was a crazy time, planning the wedding, picking up the decorations, dress shopping, bridal shower, Last Night Out, rehearsal and decorating, then the big day came... saying goodbye. 
 But it was a lot of fun, too, and I'm wishing someone else would get married so we can do it all over again! 
Adventures with Kirsten Jean are always the best <3
I'm about ready to go back now, if anybody wants to give me free tickets ;P 
My dog died :(
Family Reunion
So much fuuuuuun

Epic Movies watched: 

Avengers: Infinity War

The Greatest Showman

Christopher Robin

I did so many things, my mind can't even....

I took a lot of trips, did a lot of odd jobs, ate a lot of food. lol

Photo Dump


On the road to meet Kirsten Jean and family at the beach

I love the PNW <3

morning walks with friends always involves coffee<3

headed back home

Daminika's birthday coffee date

headed to work 

Harvest Party (I take all credit for Liberty's costume)

Snuggles with cousins!


drawing practice

redoing the fireplace

And done!

Christmas bazaars

December: (I took very few pics in December)

Christmas Eve pjs

Christmas morning grapefruit (from my stocking)

Coffee date with the sisters and other gals 

And then of course, we can't leave out our 
group chats. Can you tell which are the witty ones?

When your friend says there are men outside looking for a reported bear

And of course, 'sisterly' arguments

Inside jokes and discussing the "society's" initiation 
my many 'oops' moments

Also, can we talk about how many drinks a person can consume in one year?!
I didn't even use all of the photos I took of my beverages.  

So many things can change in just one year. 
 I can't wait to see what's around the next corner 

And a great song to start out the New Year, 2019

Sorry about the delay!