Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Photo Dump M A Y (and a bit of June)

"I'm baaaaaaaaaaack."
So I stayed away longer than planned..... heh. 
 When the time to leave came closer and closer, Daminika and I felt a little sick inside, and couldn't abide the thought of taking off so soon.
We weren't ready to go just yet. So. We extended our tickets. 
Crazy people we are, eh?
It was a blessed trip, and even with that extra week, it was very hard to say goodbye to everyone. 
 The twins were as cute as ever *cries at the thought*, it was nice to see my sister again, and to hang with cousins I haven't seen in a while. 
 We went to Bass Pro Shop, ate good food, experienced a New England Memorial Day, hung at Felicity and Josiah's place, sat on Grandma's couch and relaxed, played games, swung on the swing on the hill, gazed at the stars and counted fireflies....
 It was a magical trip. *sighs*

On with the photo dump! 
visiting Grandma on Mother's Day

texts from the cousin

taking pictures on a 'summer' evening

my flowers were beginning to bloom just before I left

on our way to the airport

listening to good old rock N roll
while waiting to board

this just got real

and we're off!

My cousin Tyrel picked us up from the airport, but I somehow forgot to take any pictures. Hm. Guess I was too tired. We didn't get home until 3-4:00 am. so..... *wink*

riding around with the newlyweds


Grandma always has such good food

strolling the little New England town

went to Panara Bread one afternoon

chilling at Grandma's

relaxing on a lazy morning with some 
Calvin and Hobbes

All-American Girl *sunglasses*
Memorial Day

had to get a picture with my cousin Ryan
in uniform <3

exploring the library because that's the best way to 
spend a vacation, right?

headed to Bass Pro

there were so many little turtles, but I couldn't get any good 
photos of them. Shucks.

Kirsten Jean made eclairs <3333

like I said, Grandma has good food 

lunch out with Auntie Mary and the girls

aaand I didn't get a pic of Mary? *face palm*

coffee (Jesse James is an inside joke. That's me)

I love these girls <3
l to r:
Danielle, Kirsten, Janeya, Daminika and me

Janeya took us out for ice cream
*hugs her in my heart*

late-night doodling

and one final pic before we go
*sobs because I miss these people*

And the next morning, we said our final goodbyes and left. 

Did you miss me?