Monday, November 13, 2017

Be my Friend

There are times when I cry, and my heart is pained.
There are times when I smile, and my smile is strained.

Sometimes I am afraid, though I don’t let it show
All my pain and insecurities you could never know.

Don’t laugh, or mock me, because you cannot see
The dark and frightening storm, going on inside me.

Some days I lie in bed, the covers over my head
Wishing I didn’t have to face it all, wishing I were dead

I’m only human, and I cry and hurt like you,
Some days it seems like there is nothing I can do

Like you, I am searching, struggling to right my path
Reaching to find an anchor that will last.

So instead of sneering, be the angel God saw fit to send

Take my hand, pray for me, and always be my friend. 

I wrote this a few months ago, when I my heart was aching for all the young people in this world who wander astray, seeking peace they can't find. 
 I see young girls walking through the mall, with spiked hair, tattoos and pierced noses, talking loud and crudely, with hard eyes. 
 It breaks my heart. 
They don't realize they don't need to put up such a front. 
 They don't need to be 'cool' or fit in with today's society, or follow the terrible, dangerous trends of the other young people. 
 And then they look at other girls, with modest clothes, quiet smiles and sincere, caring hearts... What do they think? 
 Do they secretly long to have such a peace as a true Christian has? 
Do they wish they dared to be different, humble.... happy? 
 Not the false happiness that the world has to offer, with it's self-centered slogans and fast-fading glamour, but real, true happiness, that comes from the knowledge of knowing that Jesus Christ is walking beside you every step of the way, and that everything is safely in His nail-pierced hands. 
 I wish I could help them, show them that we really do care. 
Many Christians, without meaning to, fall into a habit of sneering, degrading those wandering people. 
 I'm not saying I condone any evil that lost souls indulge in. I think it's wrong. 
But I also believe we should love these children of God, and earnestly pray for them, show them in a loving manner, that there is a better way to walk. 
 There is a Friend Who will hold their hand, keep them from evil, love them even when they do fall, and will take them in His beautiful home when it comes time. 
 There are so many out there, who don't know this Truth. Who don't WANT this truth. 
And my heart breaks. 

 The One Who crafted the stars, thought the world needed one you. 
And He loves you. You are worth so much to Him.
 I wish you could see that. 

I lost a very, very dear friend of mine to the ways of the world. 
 And I miss her so very much. 
I hope and pray that there will come a day when she'll come back, and know that we still love her. That God still loves her. 

But, until then, my heart will always ache for her

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Movie I've Watched Recently// Tag

Daminika tagged me for this....
 But she stole all of the 'new' movies we've watched, so you'll have to settle for these black and white 'goldie oldies'. *winks*
Here we go:

The Stratton Story

I watched this for the first time last night, and fell in love. 
 I admit shedding a few tears, something I haven't done in a while. *eyes look to the ceiling* 
It was a wonderful film, Jimmy Stewart pulling at your heartstrings, Agnes Moorehead once again doing a great job, and all in all, I thought it was a great movie. 
 It reminded me a lot of 'Pride of the Yankees' but wasn't as sad, although it make my lip quiver. *clears throat and wipes away a tear*

I've been watching a lot of Good Ol' Roy lately.
 His movies are so simple and sweet, and despite what some of today's generation might say, I think they are very entertaining. 
 Maybe I'm corny, but I don't really care. 
I'll never outgrow my love for Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys. *says that last part in a deep, dramatic voice* 
 At nineteen years old, I still enjoy sitting down to watch Roy strum a guitar, smile that crinkly smile, and ride to the rescue of some poor damsel in distress. 
 These were made in a simpler time in America, when people liked good, clean entertainment, and children learned the difference between right from wrong by watching the classic good guys overcome evil with honor and morality that is so seldom seen in movies these days.  
Ahem... Anywho, some of his films I've watched recently: 

couldn't find an actual cover I liked. *shrugs*

Not sure if TV shows count, but, seriously, that's basically what I watch 


Yeeah.... My little sister has a crush on these two now. It's actually pretty funny. *laughs, because she's so boy-crazy, she makes Daminika look like a square*
 How many thirteen-year-old girls swoon over Clint Eastwood?
I mean, come on. Girls these days think Justin Bieber is cute?

Don't make me laugh

The Dick Van Dyke Show

This is probably my favorite comedy show. Ever. 
 Seriously, it's tear-streaming, side-aching, rolling-on-the-floor, kind of comedy, with such expressions, and Dick Van Dyke could make a fence-post laugh. 
I think I Love Lucy is a great comedy, but this one seems to portray a married couple a lot better. (strange, since Lucy and Desi are really married) 
 But I still 'Love Lucy' don't get me wrong. *winks*

And that's all I got for ya'll. 
 *hand over heart and looks apologetic*

Haven't anyone to tag, unfortunately, so I'll have to just 'skeedaddle'. 

                    'So, until then, goodbye, good luck, and may the Good Lord take a liking to ya' 


Monday, November 6, 2017

Letter To Me

I had a beautiful childhood.
 It wasn't always easy, but it was so very, very blessed, and we often forget that there are people out there who didn't have it so nice.
 We often take our blessings for granted, wishing for something different, always wanting the grass on the other side of the fence.
I wish I had known when I was young what I know now.
 If I could time-travel, tell the younger me a few things, oh, the words I would say!

You have so much to be thankful for. Thank God more often. 
 Enjoy Grandma's hugs, listen to her more, tell her how much you love her. She won't always be there. 
 Don't stop hugging Mommy. Pride gets in the way when you are older, and it's not so easy to go back. 
 Hug your friends and family more often, tell them you love them, enjoy every moment with them. Embrace their flaws, love their little quirks and attitudes. Let them know you are praying for them. People slip away from your grasp, one way or another, despite your love for them. 
 Don't be so shy. People aren't all that bad, and they are just as insecure as you. 
Don't rush things, and stop trying to grow before your time. Enjoy your young days, play, run, and laugh. You'll be an adult all too soon.
 When you get to be fifteen, you're going to start dreaming an awful lot about that cowboy on a horse, knight in armor, wishing he would come soon, and he won't, but don't worry. 
 Enjoy your teen years. You'll never get them again, and they end up being a lot of fun.
Stop worrying so much! Those things aren't as important as they seem.
 Don't give up guitar. Starting again isn't easy. 
D O N' T  G I V E  U P. 
 You can do so much if you try. 
Read all you can, learn all you can. Graduation sounds wonderful, but some of the greatest times you'll have is doing your schoolwork. Knowledge is a beautiful thing, and you'll come to miss it.
 Ask questions. Speak up every once in a while. But listen more.
Enjoy those long walks with Mommy, listen to what she has to say, and don't dread the exercise. Those wise words and healthy routines are going to help you when you never thought they would. 
 Read you Bible more. It's easier a habit to get into when you're young
Pray more. God is listening, and He loves you more than you can imagine. 
 'Grace, mercy and peace' are more than words an old preacher says every Sunday, and you'll come cherish them. Listen more in church. 
 Those old men and women you see with shaking hands and wrinkled smiles are special people, to respect and love. When they take your hand and say, 'God BLESS you,' know they mean it. 
 And learn from them.
 Your prayers for your sister's happiness are going to be answered in a beautiful way. Don't fret. She'll be ok, believe me. 
 Driving is hard, and scary, and you don't think you'll ever get it, but you will! And you'll end up loving the drives down back roads.
 You're going to see a lot of tears, a lot of death and parting, but there is going to be so much laughter, so much happiness. A lot of smiles, a lot of hugs and fellowship. 
 God is always, always with you, even though you don't always feel Him, and He is going to do amazing things.
 Change is scary, and hard, but in time, the abnormal becomes normal. Don't fight it too hard. 
 Sing more. It soothes the soul, and brings a smile to everyone's face.
Tears are okay. It won't mean you're weak if you're hurting. 
You really should climb up into the loft in the barn on Grandpa's ranch. You'l never get a chance again. 
 Write Great-Grandpa like you wanted. He's going Home soon. 
Pray for your loved ones more often, and don't judge so much. 
 Don't gossip. It's a hard habit to break. 
Go ahead and be crazy every once in a while! Life is short. 
 Climb those mountains, swim those rivers, laugh, sing, cry. 
'You don't have to live forever. You just have to live.' 
  Life is a crazy, wild thing, but it's a BEAUTIFUL ride, and God has so much in store for you. 
So go have an adventure! 
It's going to be a good one. 

My little message to myself, and to all you out there, too! 

I have decided to keep on blogging, even though I don't have many followers. 
 Perhaps I'll never become a 'great blogger' or a 'great writer' but if my silly little whims, my thoughts and prayers, can touch one heart, lift one soul, it will all be worth it. 
 Perhaps there is one person who needs to hear what I have to say. 
So as of now, I shall keep it up, scribbling away, babbling and musing over this and that, hoping you people won't be too bored.
 Just try and get rid of me! *winks*
                                                                           Signing off for now, 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Photo Dump

I wish ya'll could see this wonderful weather we've been having. 
 Photos just don't do it justice. 
The sky is blue and clear, the grass green, the hills just full of color, and the wind blows gently as leaves fall to the ground. 
 It's perfect weather for apple cider, cinnamon tea and pumpkin pie, if I only had the means to make them. lol 
 I haven't time to write a lengthy post. *I apologize.* 
In fact, I've been considering quitting blogging all together. What do you people think of that? 

With all this wonderful weather, I've been 
chilling on the swing during the quiet days. 

Ah, Louis L'Amour. 
Been reading a lot of him lately

Yeah, we're kind of obsessed at my house. 
Pretzels save lives. 

All ready for work

When I actually have time to sit down 
and write... I do it for hours. 
*whispers* my family hates it

cloudy day *smiles*

Piano practice.... 
I still haven't mastered 'River Flows in You'

Like I said.... *cough*

I SAID we were obsessed

After a fresh rain. God's beautiful promise

At work, getting dirty

cold, foggy work morning

But soon the clouds part!

A quick trip to the antique shops
where we found so many treasures. 
This Red Cross blanket was from 1942. *eeeeeep* 
If I were rich

My grandma had this same basket 
hanging from her kitchen ceiling.....
Brought back many warm memories <3

The bride and bridesmaids, wedding dress shopping.
She found her dress! <3

Sketching.... ugh. 
Still have a long ways to go

My 'quiet spot' 

I just love this view.... <3 
So thankful for such a beautiful home. *sobs*


Also been reading Laura Ingalls Wilder's 
inspirational writings

Family time! <3

My mountain

Sitting in my quiet spot

writing. again. *laughs*

found this in one of my old diaries. 
Something so sad and bittersweet about 
pressed flowers. 

Well? Should I quit blogging? 

What have you been up to? 

As always, in a tearing hurry,