Monday, January 1, 2018

Looking back// 2017

'Fast away the old year passes, fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la. Hail the New, ye lads and lasses...."

'Ain't it funny how time slips away?'

I'm just baffled at how fast this year went by.
 I mean, we talked about the year 2018, but while I was busy talking about it, that little sneak just came up when I wasn't looking.

actual footage of me and the upcoming year

It's been a crazy year, by far. *wipes brow*
 Let's see. What all happened this year? 

Well, there was the exciting incident of falling into a wheelbarrow.
 That was fun, eh? *laughs because, believe me, it wasn't*
My sweet friends threw me a party for my birthday, which was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. *blows kisses to them all*
There was the wonderful trip to the East *hearts*
 The wonderful summer of running about, staying two weeks with my bestie *SO FUN* 
Hiking, camping, flying, working.... we keep busy, let me tell you. 
 And it was a fun-filled year. 
But, I have to admit, there was a lot of sadness as well. 
 Saying goodbye to the place I love, the place I grew up in. 
 Losing my great-Grandpa...and losing my best friend to the bright lights and temptations of the world. It's been a long time since I have seen her, and my heart still aches. 
 Getting a job and dealing with the stress of pretending to be an adult. Driving myself to the eye doctor's, paying for the exam, ordering contact lenses again, getting a new pair of glasses, (may not sound like much for a nearly-twenty-year-old, but, come on, it's hard stuff) 
 Biggest change of all!
Felicity's engagement and all the planning for the wedding. 
 Just three Saturdays left before the Big Day, and we're rushing about like ants on a hot rock getting ready for this thing. 
 It's going to be bittersweet when it's all over and done with. 
The planning and stress will be all over with, but then we'll be learning to cope with my sister living 2,000 miles away, AND me learning to be the oldest in the house. *groans*

How was your New Year's? 
 I must admit mine wasn't too grand. 
I ended up with a terrible upset stomach (must have been something I ate) so I stayed home with Felicity while the rest of the family went over to my aunt and uncle's to pass the time. 
 I really didn't expect Felicity to keep me company, and I wasn't mistaken when she spent the whole time FaceTiming Josiah in the bedroom while I lay curled up on the couch. 
 I was feeling so low, I decided to pop 'Little Women' into the VCR because I thought a sad movie was just what I needed to release my emotions. 
 I mean, no one was around. Perfect. 
As soon as Meg mentions marrying John Brooke, I start getting a sinking feeling. 
 Uh, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. 
By the time the wedding came around, I was swallowing back tears, and when poor Jo finds out Amy is going to Europe, my world crashed with hers. 

I bawled at this line. 
I connect so much more than ever

I seemed to be feeling just the way she was. 
 Her sisters were finding their places, doing things in the world, she was feeling so 'out of the loop' and confused. 
 She couldn't seem to find her purpose, everyone around her was changing, and all her dreams seemed out of reach. 
 My emotions, people! 
So, anyways, I cried my tears and went into the New Year with a heavy heart, a stomach ache, and a steaming cup of noodles. *I eat when I'm sad. Don't judge me* 
 Today was a beautiful day, so it hasn't been too awful a year yet. *winks*
Now for the wedding, (which is fast approaching!) the planning, the decorating, doing the hair, walking down the aisle, saying goodbye, cleaning up, dying when it's over, and then feeling a little *now what?*

I've done a lot of growing in this one year. 
 I've learned to cry *just a little. Still gotta work on that* and laugh, as well as talk... *YEEEAH, still gotta work on that one, too*
 Still haven't found my place, trying to figure things out and there are days when I feel like giving up, but I'm a stronger person than I was a year ago, because life has shaped me.
 I'm still growing, still learning, and it's never an easy walk, but God has been loving me when I least deserve it, holding me when I need Him most, and whispering that everything will be all right, in the end. 
 And as mysterious and a little frightening this new year may be, I know it's going to be a good one, because everyday is a wonderful miracle when you've got a King walking beside you. 
 I wish I could have more faith, wish I could toss aside my fears, anxieties and discontentment because I know they are doing nothing but holding me back, and I wish I read my Bible more, prayed more, believed more...
 But perhaps this is the year for just that? 

So, without further ado, BRING IT ON. 
 It's a bumpy road, we can't see what waits around the next corner, but we know the destination, and we have a Guide that never makes mistakes. 

Life is often called a journey, "the journey of life." Usually when referred to in these terms it is also understood that it is "a weary pilgrimage." Why not call it a voyage of discovery and take it in the spirit of happy adventure? ~Laura Ingalls Wilder

Happy New Year, and God bless <33

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Photo Dump// December

And it's time for one last photo dump before the New Year! 

sister date!

my mall is always so pretty during the holidays

great way to wind down before bed. 
Father Knows Best

breakfast time! 
biscuits and gravy w/herbal tea

selfie by the Christmas tree
*yes, I'm wearing my nerdy glasses. ;P*

snuggled by this fire with a sweet book

taking my sweet dog for a walk

this game has lasted for over ten years <3 
still love playing it

we visited a Christmas event at our local historic fort

my mountain <3

nothing like a good cup of tea

I don't do this as often as I should

Christmas at Grandpa's!

my favorite Louis L'Amour

headed to the hills to find snow!

my mountains always give me a feeling of being 'recharged'

And I haven't time for idle chatter! 
 Gotta flash, but I'll be back. 

                                                                                          Signing off,