Thursday, April 6, 2017

Modest Dresses

So many of us wish for pretty, modest dresses, right? 
 I personally love classy, retro cuts, below-knee length or mid-calf, fitted waists and pretty prints.
But with today's styles of off-shoulder, low-cut, short dresses, it's hard to find anything worth wearing. 
 Hello, internet! ;) 
I have found a few stores through the years that have nice products, some a little pricey,but I have found that dressing modest is pretty expensive in general.

Lately this site has been a little more boho or modern for my taste, but you can still find some nice ones. This is the more pricey company. 
 I actually haven't ordered anything from them, even though I've been a member for quite a while *blushes* but I never had the money. 
 I know other people who have, though, and their dresses seemed very pretty and of nice material.  

This site is pretty cool! 
 You can change the sleeve style, neckline, and length to your own taste, plus you have the choice of sending in your measurements and they will make the dress to fit your figure perfectly. 
 Swell, huh?  
I'm a little picky and some of the dresses are of too stiff material for me, but that's not a problem for some people, and they still have plenty of dresses of soft fabric. 

I wish they had this dress before I ordered.... *groans* 
 Felicity got the same dress, but a different print and I really liked the waistline. 
But I ordered a different style (crosses fingers) and it hasn't arrived yet. 
 These dresses aren't as classy as I usually prefer, but they are soft and dainty, and the price isn't too bad. :) 
 They are having an Easter sale right now! Hurry! 

This company is in England, but they have a USA site, so just make sure you click on the name I have up. 
 These are retro! <3 
Some of the prints are much too loud for me, but they have some nice soft colors, too, and most of the cuts stay true to us hard-core vintage lovers. 
 I prefer the Audrey style (above)

And that's it! 
 I hope you'll go check these sites out! 


  1. Love these sites. But I never was one for Eshakti, even though I've seen a lot of pretty dresses from there!
    I so hope my dress from Slaydon & Rose fits! *crosses fingers, holds breath, and all those freaking out things* ;P Do you realize that all three of us bought our Easter dresses from there? *laughs*
    Love my Audrey style Lindy Bop dress!!!! =D

  2. These all look great!!! Thanks for sharing! :D
    Vintage dresses are the BEST. <3

  3. Pretty dresses! I cant wait till I can get bigger so I can buy some! <333

  4. Ooh, lovely! I love the Eshakti one you put on here. :)

  5. I haven't shopped at any of these places but I may have to give it a try;)

  6. I love Slaydon and Rose! The other companies can be slightly too retro for me ;)
    You know me, I like the loose flowing floral prints over anything fitted!
    *Says the girl who ordered a fitted dress for Easter. Nervous!*

  7. I'll have to keep these sites in mind!! Thanks! :)

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