Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Country Life

Good morning, everyone!
 It's on mornings like these that a person is so thankful to be alive. :)
The sun is shining on the mountains, glistening on the dew-dropped trees in the neighbor's orchard, and the air is cold, nippy, and wonderfully fresh.
 Living out in the country has always been my dream and desire.
I have never even considered moving to town, where there is nothing but cars, people, traffic, loud noises, and general annoyance.
 Out here the noises we hear are cows, birds, horses, and although we do have a highway along our land, it's nothing like the house I lived in before, where there was constant roaring of engines, night and day.
 Our little town generally shuts down by midnight. ;)
I have had people tell me that I live a little too far out for them, and it's all I can do to keep from laughing.
 Me? Far out?
The Big Town is only twenty minutes away, for crying out loud. ;)
I'd actually prefer to be farther out, but things don't always go the way you want, and besides, I really like my view.

Believe it or not, there are mountains behind all that fog. ;)
Sometimes it's so dark, and foggy, a heavy haze over the hills and fields, I feel like I'm in Scotland or Ireland and don't mind a bit.
 And in the summertime....boy.
The sun is bright against the hills, the fields and orchards are green and inviting, and I am so thankful I live here.
This is a different angle, but same view.
I think I took this in the spring?
With our Pacific Northwest weather, the view changes almost everyday, and I love it!
 Just a quick little note this morning, to let you know I am alive and well. ;)
                                                                             God's peace,


  1. Living in the country is my dream!! Though I was born in the Pacific Northwest, we moved to the southwest when I was little. I really want to live out in the wilderness, with nothing but animals, trees, and (a few) people for company! ;)


    1. Well, glad to know a fellow rural girl. :)
      I used to dream of moving to the Alaskan Bush, but now I think I'd rather Wyoming or Montana. ;)
      I'm just a little bit softer in my 'old age', you see. ;)

  2. God sure made a beautiful world, didn't He?

  3. Wow, these are just gorgeous photos!!
    We live in pretty much the exact same kind of place -- twenty minutes from the city, a highway cutting through our land, and a big beautiful view. :)

    Sophie xx

    1. That's awesome! :D The mountains will always be a huge part of me, and I hope I never have to leave them. :)
      Born and raised here, and so the hills are in my blood. ;)

  4. You make our little home sound wonderful... maybe because it is? ;P