Monday, November 7, 2016

Favorite Quotes Tag

I was tagged by Felicity for a favorite quotes tag, and even though she stole most of my favorites (rolled eyes) I'll give it a try.  ;)
 We may end up with quite a lot, ya'll.
When it's comes to quoting, I'm a walking book of knowledge. ;)
 But anyways, here we go.

I actually remember this from the movie, not the book. ;)
Although I have the books many times, I always hear Miss Stacy's voice saying this...
Good childhood memories, and always a good thought. <3

I didn't name a singer in this one, because I don't have a certain singer I like
 the best when singing this song.

I believe it is: 'BE thought a fool'. oops ;)

Love this song and this singer :)

This movie! So full of amazing lines, actors and music.
Gatewood is my favorite character, even though most girls die over
 Matt Damon's character...*rolled eyes*
Need Christmas ideas? This movie is awesome! ;)

This is always a bittersweet line for me, because it make me think of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and all the other Kings of the Silver Screen.
It's so sad that the days of those old movies are gone.

Beautiful, isn't it? <3

And my favorite line from my favorite book, 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'.
So simple, but filled with such joy, and promise, and peace.

I've got loads and loads more, but we could be on here all day, so I must leave you with only a few. ;)

I tag Marita @ When I Hear Music I Dream



  1. love them all, sister! Especially Walt Disney's and the one from Geronimo. <3

  2. I really like that one from Uncle Tom's Cabin. Such meaning is so few words sometimes, huh? :)

  3. Great choices! These are all fantastic, uplifting quotes. <3


    1. Thank you! :) Maybe I should have tagged you, but I was in a hurry. Would you like to do it?