Tuesday, November 22, 2016

My Favorite Singers Part Two

And here we are at another part in our long series! :D
 I hope you all enjoyed the last one as much as I did! ;)

Charley Pride

Ask my big sister about my opinion of Charley Pride, and she'd laugh out right. ;)
 I'm embarrassed to admit that when I was a little girl (four or five years old) they had to hide his cd from me because I kissed it so much.... *hides face*
 What an odd, boy-crazy child I was.... ;)
Anyways, I absolutely love this good old boy, and still get excited at the sound of his voice. :D
 He has such an awesome twang to his singing, his rhythm irresistible, and his music perfect!
Some of may favorite songs of his:
 'Kaw-Liga' (actually a Hank Williams song first), 'Burgers and Fries', 'All I Have to Offer You Is Me', 'I'm Just Me', 'Mississippi Cotton-Pickin Delta Town'.... whew! I gotta stop or we'll be on here all night!
 And of course, there are his gospel songs.
Of all the gospel singers I've heard, I think I can honestly say that Charley Pride is my favorite. <3
 His songs like, 'God's Coloring Book', 'Jesus, It's Me Again', and 'I Don't Deserve a Mansion' are absolutely beautiful and he sings them with such meaning. :)
 Love him! 

Don Williams

Oh, boy. I can't even say enough about this guy. ;)
 A lot of people I know actually don't like Don Williams, but I personally LOVE him.
His voice is very soft, deep, and soothing, quoting my cousin, another fan, 'Soft as honey...Pure beauty'. haha ;) 
 His music is always nice and soft, too.
No jamming out, loud drums or electric guitars.
 It almost sounds as if he's just sitting on the front porch, guitar strumming gently as he sings to the wind. :D
 My personal favorites:
'My Best Friend', 'Amanda', 'Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good', 'Till the Rivers all Run Dry' and 'In The Shelter of Your Eyes'.
 Of course, there are lots of his songs that I love, but I can't very well name them all. ;)

Glen Campbell

I'm not even sure what to say about Glen Campbell.
 I mean...He's just Glen Campbell! How can one describe him? 
I'm not even going to try. ;)
He's got a great voice, happy and light music, and his songs are just so...fun, I guess. ;)
Some of his songs:
'Rhinestone Cowboy', 'Wichita Lineman', 'Try a Little Kindness', and 'Country Boy'. :) 

Tanya Tucker
Ok, so Tanya is a little like Dolly.
 Interesting.... ;)
But she has such talent and rhythm, some great songs and if you don't watch her sing, you're ok. lol ;)
 She has a unique voice that's hard to describe, so I'm not going to try. ;)
Her songs include:
'Delta Dawn', 'What's Your Mama's Name', 'Strong Enough To Bend', 'I Won't Take Less Than Your Love', 'San Antonio Stroll' and 'Two Sparrows In a Hurricane'.  

John Denver

So even though he was a hippy to full meaning of the words, (sorry, Marita, but it's true.. haha) he's always a big part of my childhood.
 Christmas just isn't the same without his voice singing 'Christmas Like a Lullaby' throughout the house. ;)
 In later years, I discovered he sang more than just Christmas and my sister bought a cd of his.
His voice is very melodious and pretty, and his music soft and relaxing.
 Some of his songs:
'Annie's Song', 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy', 'Rocky Mountain High', and the very loved 'Country Roads, Take Me Home'. :)

Waylon Jennings

This is for you, 'Auntie A'! ;) and  for you, Daddy!
 I'm not really a huge fan of Waylon, but he is a legend, and I do like some of his old songs, before he grew out his hair. ;) haha
He has a deep voice (how many times have I said that?) and I guess it would be kind of similar to Johnny Cash's style. :D
 Some of his songs I like:
'Mental Revenge' (a kind of 'different' song, but I love the rhythm and the guitar in it. haha), 'Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line', 'The Highwayman' and 'Good Hearted Woman'.

George Strait
Oh, man, oh, man. This guy, ya'll! *sighs*
I'm going to have to restrain myself.... it's hard. lol
 When he first started his career (back in the seventies) country music as we had known it was slowly vanishing, meshing in with the new pop and rock styles.
 And then came this young cowboy, (a REAL cowboy) with a passion for singing, real, good, decent singing, and he changed all that.
 There were no loud drums, no jamming sessions, no screaming or stomping in his songs. 
His voice was fresh, rich and just plain beautiful, and he didn't take too long to rise to stardom. :D
 And he kept on singing, hitting the charts for decades, finally going on his last tour in 2014, with the promise that he would keep on singing until no longer possible, and was crowned with the title 'King of Country'.
 A personal GREAT favorite of mine. ;)
Some of his songs:
'Amarillo by Morning', 'The Cowboy Rides Away', 'The Best Day', 'Blue Clear Sky', 'Write This Down', 'I Saw God Today' and 'Easy Come, Easy Go'. :D
Chris LeDoux

I grew up listening to this man, another real, true-hearted cowboy with a true country sound. :)
 I found out that there is a certain album of his that I really like, and the rest are just OK. 
I prefer his western style music.  
When he gets a little more upbeat, I don't like him near as much, but when he sings slow and pretty, I love it! 
 And this guy's accent isn't fake, ya'll! ;)
One of his songs that I really, really, love is 'Thank the Cowboy For the Ride'. ;)
 Some others are:
'Yellow-Brick Road Turns Blue', 'The County Fair', 'Cadillac Cowboy', 'The Last Drive-In', and 'Shot Full of Love'.  

Alan Jackson
What do I say about Alan Jackson? 
I've always known who he is, and he's just great! ;)
 He's basically family, for crying out loud! ;) lol
As a little girl I seriously thought he was one of my uncles, he looked so much like him, and he was such a household name growing up. ;)
 He's another one of the country artists still around that is still sticking to the basics, with steel guitars and fiddles, kind of like 'King George'. 
 I loved him when I was little, I still love him. :)
Some of his songs:
'Little Bitty', 'Home', 'Here In the Real World', 'Little Man', 'Remember When, 'Livin' On Love', '1976', 'I'd Love You All Over Again', 'Dallas', 'Where Were You(When The World Stopped Turning)', 'That'd Be All Right', 'Drive', and 'Small-Town Southern Man'. 
 Whew, I could keep on going. ;)

Clay Walker

I didn't grow up with this guy at all, except ONE song, 'If I Could Make Living Out of Loving You' and I didn't know it was him. ;)
But my sister (always blame it on her) got a cd of his last winter, and I loved it!
He's another 'good old boy' from the nineties that stuck to the basics, with guitars, fiddles, and clean rhythm. :)
 His voice smooth and pretty, and he always acknowledges God as His Lord and Savior, seeming very humble for a celebrity. :D
 Some of his songs:
'Chain of Love', 'Hypnotize the Moon', 'Live Until I Die', 'You're Beginning To Get To Me', 'This Woman and This Man, 'Ordinary People' and 'What's It To You'.   

Lionel Cartwright

An artist from the eighties, he's not well-known at all, and now he's a pastor in a small town, which I thought was pretty cool. ;)
 Even when he was in his prime, he wasn't really a 'superstar' or anything, but I really like his style and singing, and who really cares about being popular? ;)
 He's got a great voice, simple style, and his music is gorgeous, ;)
My parents listened to him when they were teenagers, so I always knew of him, and was surprised to find that not many people do.
 I mean, he's so awesome! You poor, deprived people. lol
Some of his songs include:
'Be My Angel', 'Leap of Faith' and 'I Watched It All On My Radio'.  

Clint Black

I don't actually listen to his country very often, so I don't really know any of his songs, but I grew up with his Christmas album every winter, ;)
 I really love his voice, though, and nothings feels more like home and Christmas than hearing Clint Black's smooth voice. <3
 He also plays the harmonica beautifully, and I LOVE harmonicas, so it makes it all the better. ;)
Some of his songs:
'I'm Looking for Christmas', 'Milk and Cookies', 'Christmas For Every Boy and Girl', 'The Kid', 'The Finest Gift', 'The Birth of The King' and 'Slow As Christmas'. 

Randy Travis
This guy makes me both happy and sad... :( Just like Hank Williams. 
 He was (and is) my mom's favorite singer as a teenager, so we always knew who Randy Travis was. ;) I even knew at six years old that his real name had been Randy Traywick. lol
His voice is deep, rugged, and just plain awesome, and he is another one who stuck to the basics. 
 I know he had a very troubled past life, before he came to know God, and then in later years, he fell again. 
But just recently he had a severe stroke that may have turned his life around and I pray he is coming to the realization that he needs Jesus more than anything else.
  Love him!
Some of his songs:
'Deeper Than the Holler', 'Forever and Ever, Amen', 'If You Only Knew, 'Look, Heart, No Hands', 'Don't Ever Sell You Saddle', 'I Believe In You', 'The Box', 'When Mama Prayed', 'Raise Him Up, 'The Gift', 'That's Jesus.'....
 I gotta stop! ;)

Kris Kristofferson
I don't really listen to him as a singer, but I thought he was worth mentioning because he is one of the greatest songwriters of all time. :)
 Although he wrote many, many country songs for other artists, the ones I'm referring to are his gospel songs. 
 One of my favorite gospel songs ever is 'Why Me, Lord?' and it was written by none other than Kris Kristofferson, inspired by his own experience of being born again. 
 Another great one he wrote, that many of us sing without even realizing who wrote it is, 'One Day At a Time'. 
 Great songwriter!

The Judds
Finally some more girls in this list! ;) 
 I guess I just prefer guys. haha
Anyways, this mother and daughter duo were big in the eighties-nineties and listening to them, it's easy to see why. :)
 They have great harmony and style, and I just love them!
Wynonna (the daughter) is now on her own, and I really don't like her now, but their old songs are great. ;)
Some favorites:
'Young Love', 'Grandpa', 'Love Can Build a Bridge' and 'Mama, He's Crazy'. 

Reba McEntire

Another singer that I don't really listen to besides Christmas, but I just love Reba!
 She has a unique, fun style to her singing, and she just has such a pretty voice. <3
I'd listen to her country, but I don't think she sang many decent ones. ;)
 Some of her Christmas songs I love:
'On This Day', 'Happy Birthday, Jesus', A Christmas Letter', The Christmas Guest', 'This I My Prayer For You', 'The Angels Sang', 'The Secret of Giving', 'This Christmas', and 'Till the Season Comes 'Round Again'. 
 Another artist I grew up with. :D


My brother loves this group. and I think they're pretty cool, too. ;)
They're from the eighties, if you haven't already figured that out by their 'lovely' hair. lol
 They have beautiful harmony and rhythm, with great backing music and down-home style. 
All in all, I love them .;)
 Some songs:
'Mountain Music', 'Lift Me Up', 'I'm In a Hurry', 'If You're Gonna Play in Texas', 'Roll On', and 'Hometown Honeymoon'. 

Brooks and Dunn
Not really my usual style, but I think these two have perfect harmony. ;)
 Yeah, so the hair is a little odd, but at least they aren't pierced or tattooed, and at least one of them looks like a cowboy, haha
 I haven't really heard many songs of theirs, but I do have some favorites.
'My Maria', 'Brand New Man', and 'Neon Moon'(has a great melody, but I can't recall if the words are very good. Don't judge, please, The same goes for...) 'Red Dirt Road'

Allison Krauss
I love her!
 My dad also loves this singer, and sometimes I wonder if its because she looks so much like my mom. ;) 
 Just kidding. She does have a beautiful voice; so soft and pretty. 
And she is one of the 'newer' artists that doesn't have loud music and drums, singing more Bluegrass style. 
 Some of her songs:
'When You Say Nothing At All', 'Ghost In This House', 'Down to the River to Pray', 'Palm of Your Hand' and 'There Is a Reason'. 

Josh Turner
 This, guy, ya'll!
*grins widely*
 He's one of my favorite singes of all time, and he's modern! Weird, huh?
 His voice is so deep, and smooth, like honey, his music always so pretty, and most of his songs are very clean and decent. 
  He is also a professing Christian, which makes me love him more, and he is on of those rare celebrities that stayed married to the same woman. (George Strait, Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw are some who also stayed married)
 I love listening to his music, and never get sick of it. 
Some of his songs:
'Long Black Train' 'Soulmate', 'As Fast As I Could', 'Would You Go With Me', 'Always On my Mind', 'Me and God', 'In my Dreams', and 'Everything Is Fine' 

Joey and Rory
Nobody can sing like Joey and Rory. <3
 Joey (the wife) had such a soft, calming voice and Rory harmonized beautifully with her. 
Their music was always pretty and calm, the songs clean and down-home, and they sang old songs wonderfully. 
 Their gospel album is so beautiful, especially when I know they mean every word they sing. 
Beautiful Joey passed away from cancer recently, and it's wonderful to know that her soul is safe in the arms of our Savior. 
 Some songs:
'That's Important to Me', 'Heart of the Wood', 'To Say Goodbye', 'Gotta Go Back', 'Turning to the Light', and 'The Life of a Song'. 
 There are many more, but that's all I can think of for now. 

Tim McGraw

*Brace myself for attacks from family member*
 Hey, I know he's kind of weird, but I think he's got a great voice, and his old songs are so pretty. 
 I don't have to necessarily like the man just because I listen to him. :P
His newest song, 'Humble and Kind' is actually my favorite of his; it's so pretty and soft, with great words and people should learn from it. 
 Some other songs:
'Just To See You Smile', 'My Little Girl', 'Don't Take the Girl', 'Live Like You Were Dying, and 'Green Grass Grows'. 

Darius Rucker

He's the newest singer I listen to, and it's actually quite hard for me to admit I listen to a modern singer. He should feel honored. ;) 
 He never screams or raps out, his music isn't too loud, and some of his songs are quite catchy! 
Some of my favorite songs of his:
'Wagon Wheel', 'This', and 'Alright'. 

And that's it for country!  
 Sorry if I missed anyone, but, hey, this is hard work! ;)

Recognize any of these singers?

Do like any of them?



  1. Now this is more like my time era of country music. ;P There are only five singers on this post that are just OK to me. ;P
    I don't know why I have a thing for Clint Black, but I do. I only know one country song of his - "Like the Rain". But his Christmas music makes me SO HAPPY! Same with John Denver and Reba. Oh, Reba. <3 for the longest time I had no idea she had a last name. ;P
    All I can think of that you're missing is Doug Stone, Neal McCoy, and *whispers* Brad Paisley.
    It's been so had for me to admit that I like some modern country music - but I've been doing it. ;P I only like three - Brad Paisley (his good songs) Tim McGraw (Like - LOVE) and Darius Rucker. =D And I don't count Josh Turner as modern. I don't know why - he just doesn't fit.
    I've been enjoying these posts!

  2. Ah, Alan Jackson, he is my all time favorite!! Don Williams, did you know he is grandma's favorite singer? "In the Shelter of Your Eyes" makes me emotional at times, it reminds me so much of Great Uncle Jimmy... did you know Waylon songs "Amanda" too? That's where I heard it first, Great Uncle Timmy used to play it for me as a little girl and it made me feel so special! Have you ever listened to Steve Earl? "Guitar Town" is my favorite of his!

    1. Oh, yes, I did know he was Grandma's favorite, but I guess I forgot to mention it. ;)
      Chancy actually informed me once that Waylon sang 'Amanda' but I don't know if I've actually heard it. :)
      Yeah, I have! :D
      Steve Earl is one of my dad's favorites. Or was. I don't know if he counts him as a 'favorite' now, but he still likes him. :)
      And 'Guitar Town' is his favorite, too. ;)

  3. Goodness! I'm not THAT mean am I? LOL
    It's ok if you like Tim McGraw... I'll even admit I like some of his old songs but I just can't get myself to say I "like" him! It's too... hard to do! Ever since his song "I might even be a rock star" he's been written off my list.
    Anyway! After that rant, I'll admit I do listen to him some.

    Charley Pride!! Oh, oh, still my favorite male singer, ever <3

    Randy Travis will always be special. As well as Alan Jackson!

    I enjoy all these singers from time to time!!

  4. Randy Travis will always be special to me :) Same with Charley Pride! I really like Allison Krauss as a female singer. ( still can't really see she looks that much like me;) as for the rest I enjoy some songs from all of them from time to time :) OH, and it will always be a special memory of mine to have attended Clint Blacks concert with my mom and dad ( and sisters) back when I was like 13?? :)

  5. Oh my! Country music has always been my favorite style of music! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Growing up I adored Williams Sr., Pride, and Horton.
    Favorites now would be Turner-Black Train , Krauss-I'd rather have Jesus, joey and rory- hymns cd,Waylon-Amanda, Cash-I walk the line.

    1. Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)
      And thank you for stopping by :D

  6. Yes! I recognize these singers! (Except for one, I've either heard of or actually know of them.) :) Grew up with Charley Pride, Don Williams, Alan Jackson, and Randy Travis. Had tapes of theirs (except for Alan Jackson...) We do have a cd of his, though. :)