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Fashion of American Women 1900-2000 Part II

 Now we come to my favorite decade! *wide smile*
If I had my way, this how I would dress everyday. :)

In the late 1930's and the beginning of the year 1940, things seemed rather bright for the people of America.
 The Depression was slowly fading, although still quite evident in some places, and everything seemed to be changing for the good.
 Women were growing their hair out longer, although still permed, and becoming quite elaborate with their hairstyle, pompadours, and waves becoming the 'in' thing.
 Movie star Veronica Lake inspired thousands with her classic 'peekaboo' waves.
 The word was 'sophiticated', and believe me, the women knew how to do it.
Suits became popular, which consisted of a smart-fitted jacket and matching skirt, worn with nylons, (fashionably striped in the back) pumps, HATS!, (ranging in size), handbag, gloves, furs... accessories were a girl's best friend!
 Then came December 7th, 1941.
With the United States now in war, and the men rushing off to the service, the factories and plants needed the women's help.
 So the women donned their slacks, rolled up their sleeves, tied up their hair in turbans, and went to work.
 With the sudden change, fashion changed as well.
Dresses were given a more military cut, and became simpler.
Shorter hair became popular, due to the danger of hair being caught in equipment, but even during all of this, the women were encouraged to look as feminine and lovely as possible, even on the job.
 It was important to look good for the boys overseas, to keep the morale high.
They did a wonderful job of looking lovely, too.
Victory Rolls were introduced, which spurred a number of similar styles for the hair.
 Flowers were a favorite accessory.


Veronica Lake, 'peekaboo' hair




Isn't she lovely? Don't you wish we still looked like this?

Even when casual, women tried to look fashionable

They had such creativity with their hair *sigh*



Veronica Lake, again ;)


Factory workers

As the war ended, and the men were coming home again, the good girls went back home to their families. (Some women like their independence)
 Christian Dior introduced the New Look, which was a tiny waist, and very full skirt...
Enter the swinging, happy, peaceful 1950's! *smiles*
 Where there was once a shortage of industry, America now progressed.
The men came back and married their sweethearts, resulting in the Baby Boom.
 Fabric was now plentiful, so what did the women do?
Why, took advantage of it, of course.
 Some dresses took yards, and yards, and yards of material to create just the right amount of flow, and crinolines added to the full look.
 If they weren't wearing a full poodle skirt, then there were the pencil skirts, with a jacket to match, similar to the suits of the 1940's.
 Hair was never out of place, and it was the age of feminine attire and dainty women.


1950's. Am I wrong, or does this look like Grace Kelly?

Even casual looked dainty on a fifties woman

formal 1950's


Casual cotton dresses. I actually own one myself, which I purchased from an antique store :D

As the 1950's evolved into the 1960's, fashion was slowly becoming more casual, and sadly, less feminine.
 It was now the age of the mini skirt, thick heavy eye makeup, bright colors and ever so slowly, the age of the Hippy.
 Hair was big, either in large beehives or simply ratted and the ends curled, either under or out, depending on the wearer.
 I really can't say much about the 1960' was well, the 60's.
Space was the 'in' style, as well as Oriental and Boho.
 Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon, and I believe, the only decent one in the whole decade. ;)
Her 'girl-next-door' look was more natural and conservative, and she didn't wear the heavy makeup look that most actresses were adopting.  

early 1960's

This shows how fashion changed from the feminine fifties to the hip late 1960's.


more feminine fashion 1960's

Twiggy. This is the look that every girl wanted to copy

Interesting, isn't it? In the 1960's, every piece of clothing seemed to match

Audrey Hepburn, a more classy and sophisticated actress

The Beehive hairstyle
 Well, now this was really a time of hippies, bell bottoms, tie-dye, and flower power.
Girls were growing their hair long, with flips, waves and layers, makeup was as natural as possible,
 Pants were now very normal in a female's closet, (bell-bottom, of course), and it was a very relaxed age.
Dresses were very short, so I won't be posting very many pics of those... ;)
In fact, a lot of the 1970's was immodest, so I won't have near as many photos.
 Hot pants were in, which were what we call now, 'bun shorts'.
Fringes, crop tops, beads, sandals...It was another terrible time in America.
 The young people were protesting the Vietnam War, smoking drugs, and all in all, it was just plain sinful...


Farrah Fawcett, of 'Charlie's Angels', was a style icon


I'd guess early 1970's


Granny dress. If you weren't wearing a mini, this was 'groovy'.

Yeah, I'm speechless.... Who would wear that?

Thank goodness these styles didn't last forever. ;)
 Eventually the Hippy Age passed, as does all fads, and America became peaceful for just a small while....
 Stay tuned for Part III: 1980's-2000's!



  1. Love! Yeah personally never was a fan of the 60-70's ;)

  2. Except I do like some of their "granny dresses" and some of their more casual jean outfits with sweaters :) you know me and comfy ;)

    1. Yeah, I don't mind the granny dresses, either :)

  3. I like the 1940s,especially the teen fashion (you should do some posts on teen fashion sometime!!)I LOVE the 1950s and even some of the 1960s!!! :D And the long dresses of the 1970s, oh and the jeans outfits! :P I like the 60s up to 1966, but then it got too close to the 70s. :P I just loved this post!! <3 <3 :P :P

  4. These posts you're doing are so fun! I love looking at the different fashions through the years. :D

  5. I love that you aren't just doing a post on fashion, but on history, too. Then again, fashion IS history. I just like the way you are doing it. :)

  6. I know I said it before, but I love 40s style hair!;)

    1. I know! Aren't they just amazing? ;) :D

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    1. Why, thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for stopping by! :D