Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fashion of American Women 1900-2000 Part III

I gotta say, I'm pretty nervous about the eighties, since my mom and a bit of my followers are from that generation.
 They'd know more than me. ;)

As the 1970’s became the 1980’s, the American women’s fashion changed quite a bit.
Perms were the fashion again, but this time much more longer, and a lot fluffier, with plenty of hairspray to give it as much body as possible.
Pants were what the average woman wore for everyday, mainly jeans, and casual was rather, well, casual.
T-shirts, letterman sweaters or jackets, and ‘scrunchies’ were worn during the week days, along with sneakers and other causal shoes.
Church or formal consisted of dresses with either padded shoulders or puffed sleeves, low-waisted at times and knee-length, large earrings, tights or nylons, and heels.
Some dresses were a similar style to the fashion of the 1940’s. with a modern, funky twist to them, and as most of the women of the 80’s were career women, the executive look was also very popular.
Western was becoming quite ‘in’ during this time, and nearly every girl owned a fringed jacket, boots, or a fringed, sparkly shirt.
Some of the styles were pretty far-out, as women followed after the fashion icons like Madonna, and anything bold, colorful and bright was the way to go.
 It seemed as if anything could go in the 80's, and there was a large variety of styles.

I'd guess early 80's

early 80's :)

Levis became popular for women

Early 1980's, Princess Diana, a fashion icon

Crazy, huh? Imagine walking around like that and feeling pretty
Why, this looks similar to the early 1900's...
Except the hair, of course ;)

Get a load of that hair!

The 1990's were similar to the 1980s, but I would say much less.... pop.
 Jeans were the casual fashion, straight leg, with at least two pairs of socks over top.
Keds and sneakers were the footwear of the day, leather jackets popular, and it was even more casual than the 80's.
 Formal was pretty formal, copying styles similar to the forties and fifties, nylons still ever-present, heels, and as it came to the late 90's, women were began to cut their hair short again.
 Perms were slowly becoming a thing of the past, and women wanted to look more sporty.

early 1990's

early 1990's

Casual 90's



I can recall the time my mom dressed similar to this. Looser sweater, though ;)

late 90's. Yep, my mom definitely wore this in my childhood :D

Princess Diana, 90's

Now we come to a era I can recall quite well. ;)
 The early 2000's.
My, oh, my, some of the styles during that time... whew!
 I can recall the crop tops, flare jeans and clunky shoes, along with the strange little pigtails scattered across the head, and the dark lipstick the teens wore.
 I can remember that they were similar to the 1970's in some ways, and as I watched all of the teenagers, I thought they were so cool.
 Now that I'm their age, I am rather amused and also shocked at some of the things they wore. ;)
I won't have very many pics, because this was a pretty immodest time, with low shirts with very short hems, short dresses.. why, they practically wore nothing during this time!  ;)

That hair... yes, I recall. Sorry about the nose-ring.. It was the only decent pic I could find of that hairstyle...

Oh, yes. These chokers were the thing

during the early 2000's, it seemed that wackier the better

Formal was not very formal

Thank goodness these trends passed!
 Now we have some pretty crazy fads of our own, but I'm happy to say that retro is becoming the fashion (yay!) although sadly, so is the 1970's...
 Well, that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed the ride through time!



  1. Lol we have come through some odd times in fashion! So thankful that things have mellowed nowadays! :) Love these posts! <3

    1. Things have mellowed??? hmm, where have you been? ;)Things just get crazier! There is always the "modest dress" within every fashion era...

  2. I really enjoyed these posts! :)
    I don't know if I ever really knew what the style was the year I was born (2000)! It looks pretty... crazy. :P

    1. haha, yeah, they were pretty wacky. ;)
      I was pretty little in the early 2000's, but I remember them very well.
      My aunt and cousins were teenagers during that time, and they dressed in style ;)

  3. Lovely posts! I loved the whole series and am sad to see them end. :)

    Sophia xx
    A Lantern In Her Hand
    The Inkpot Girl

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed them. I might have to do another series sometime :)

  4. LOL.. I remember those days :D and those Benders!! Your grandma had those :) and most often I dressed in the casual 90's :)

  5. Wow! The styles can be so...wacky. ;)

  6. I LOVED these posts! :D You should do a series about teen fashion now!!

    Maybe I'm strange, but I like the 90s style! I know, it's a totally different style than the 50s (which, as you know, is my favorite ;D ), but I love it anyway ;P Like, the casual and western... <3

  7. The jean shorts with flag tee, yup that's pretty much how I dressed! You got the fashions down correct from what I remember. I enjoyed these posts also!

  8. Humans Are strange creatures. The things we find important! LOL! The styles that were so important then seem so crazy to us now!

  9. I was a teen in the 90's. I still kind of like that era ;)