Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Scribbling Through the Years

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember.
 When I was in grade school, I confess sketching along the borders of my math pages instead of working the problems, and any spare time in school was spent drawing whatever was on my mind. (Which was NEVER the lesson. *cough* I really was a straight 'A' student, somehow)
 It's really quite amusing to go through my old drawings every now and then, laughing at the strange looking figures on paper.
 I'm not quite ready to share my super old ones, (probably never will be. Some are literally eight years old) but I would like to share how my art has improved in just two years.
 These are taken with a phone's camera, and cameras seem to make my drawings look a little weird, so please excuse the terrible photos.

These are from my sketchbook, which I got two years ago. 

Her head is a little large, isn't it? 

Here I was practicing expressions

Another expression

You'll find that my favorite subject is the Old West. *chuckles*
This is from the Louis L'Amour book 'Shalako'

Another Louis L'Amour

Echo Sackett from 'Ride the River' by (any guesses?) Louis L'Amour

Now we are getting closer to this year

I really like this one *smiles* 
'Kilkenny' by Louis L'Amour

And now we are to the present time. 
I have started sketching my characters 
from my books, and this is one couple

This one looks much better in real life.... Oh, well

Some more characters

And another couple from my imagination. Lol

This is my latest. I'm pretty excited how it turned out! *wide grins*
This is Jim Rogers, son of the movie cowboy Will Rogers

What do you think? 
Have I improved? 
Which drawing is your favorite? 



  1. LOVE them all!! But yes I can see you have improved. I really like all your western ones and especially the last one :) Also really like the 9th one down.( it isn't a western so I figured I would name it) Keep on drawing!! Never stop! :):)

    1. I don't ever intend to. ;) Thank you πŸ’•

  2. Wow the one of Him Rogers has so much life in his eyes! Love all your drawings! πŸ’•

  3. Wow, yes I definitely see improvement! The last one is really awesome!

  4. WOW you are an amazing artist!!! <3 My favorite is #10.

    lavender & blue

  5. I love the 8th from the bottom. And yes, the last one is very full of life! I can't do more than draw stick figures. Lol.

  6. Absolutely! But then you were blessed with talent in the beginning, I think! My favorite is the seventh from the bottom (the lady looking wistfully to my right)! Keep sketching!! I'm a friend of your Aunt Clarissa (online friend, that it). :)

    1. Thank you very much! And I'm glad you dropped a hello. :) Any friend of my aunt is a friend of mine. ;)

  7. These are so good! I like the 12th one! :D I enjoy seeing how my drawings have improved over the years too. :)

  8. Incredible! I love seeing the improvement through time, even the first ones are impressive. You are an amazing artist Lakaysha! I like the 9th and 14th ones best, it's hard to pick my favorites!

    1. Thank you! Coming from you that's a huge compliment. You know you were the one who made me love drawing, with all the sketching you used to do

  9. These are incredible! I love them so much. My favourite is them all because they all look alive!

  10. LOVE!!! I really like the fifteenth one! (Oh your so good at drawing!!) <333 I LOVE them all

  11. Yes, you have improved!! You are SO good at drawing! I love the last one! It really seems to come to life! :D

  12. I really love Kilkenny!:)you did his hair so realistically, which I always have a problem with in my drawings:)

  13. You are so good at shading; it looks 3D.
    I know, right?! It's so hard to get pictures of artwork to look as good as the drawing.