Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Songs, Movies, and Books Tag

Another tag, guys!
 Seems like that's all I do lately, but it's all right because I was running out of things to write about anyways. *wink*
 I hope it isn't boring you ppl.
1) A song that describes you in some way
 I'm gonna do two if that's ok... :)
That's Important to Me by Joey +Rory

Call Me Old-Fashioned by Bradley Walker
2) A movie that inspires you 
Amazing Grace

3) A book that the main character is like you 
So this one is really hard for me.... I mainly read Louis L'Amours, and well, the main characters are guys. Most girls I read about tend to annoy me with their vanity, attitude, and the way they fly off the handle at any little thing the guy (who they always hate in the beginning and end up marrying in the end) says.
 But I guess I could say I'm a mixture of some characters.
From Little Women, Jo March, with her spunky and sometimes fiery attitude, (which I think I hide more than she does) Beth March, with her quiet and shy nature,(Funny mixture, I know, but I'm a complex individual) Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables, with her imaginative, dreamy nature (I don't talk NEAR as much her, though) and Laura Ingalls from the Little House series.
  4) A song that you love 
Ok, so can I be a rebel and post two? (AGAIN)
Sing Me Back Home by Don Williams
It's About the Cross by The Ball Brothers
5) A movie that you love
ONE movie?
 Wow.... I guess The Man from Snowy River

6) A book you love 
Just one? ;)
 Shalako by Louis L'Amour
7) A song you do not like 
Sorry, Daminika.
 Girl by Davy Jones
8) A movie you do not like
The Pennsylvania Story
 Nothing against Jimmy Stewart. LOVE him.
But I thought the storyline behind this movie was pointless and weird, and although the acting was good, I DID NOT LIKE IT.
9) A book you do not like
 Emily of New Moon by L.M Montgomery
10) A song that makes you happy 
yeah.... so I'm just breaking the rules here and naming three songs.... *wink*
Live Until I Die by Clay Walker
Work Through My Hands, Lord by Dennis Weaver
Live in the Love of The Common People by Johnny Cash&
Ed Ames
11) A movie that freaked you out 
As a child, I was terrified of Thumbelina.

12) A book that made you cry 
Angel Unaware by Dale Evans Rogers
Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
13) A song you listened to a lot when you were younger
Wringle Wrangle by Fess Parker
14) A movie you watched a lot when you were younger 
I watched lots.... LOL
Across the Great Divide, The Adventures of the Wilderness Family and Challenge to be Free are just the three that I'll name. ;)
15) A book you read a lot when you were younger
Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene
Hardy Boys by F. Dixon
16) A song that irritates you
Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain.
 It's waayyy too catchy.
The girl in the song bugs me with her attitude, expecting the guy to worship the ground she walks on.
"I can be late for a date, that's fine, but he better on time..."
To put it bluntly, she can do what she wants, but boy, he better walk the line.
 It takes two, you know.
17) A movie that kept you on the edge of your seat
The Great Escape
18) A book that left you breathless 
Cassidy by Lori Wick.
 I'm not a fan of Lori Wick at all, but this one was nice, and I just loved the guy in it. *giggles*

And that's that. :D
I tag: Felicity @Poems, Prayers and Promises


  1. I didn't like the Pennsylvania Story either, it was just really random

    1. I know.... *rolls eyes* There's a remake in the fifties called 'High Society' with Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra, but as much as I like both of them, I don't think I'd ever watch it.

  2. Yippee! I'm tagged!
    Oh, I do not like "Girl" or the Emily of New Moon book either.
    HAHA! You and Thumbelina! Come on, don't you love Jacquimo?! Just kidding. He terrified me.

    1. I admit I liked the prince, but that was about it. That bird scared me, so did the beetle and the toads. *shivers*

  3. Enjoyed! Come on, Tumbelina? that movie isn't one bit scary! ;P I don't like "Girl" either! *gasps* I LOVE "The Man From Snowy River" :) <3

  4. Loved your answers! These were cool questions. :D
    I agree with you on Emily of New Moon . . . it's a really unique book, but L. M. Montgomery's books (excluding Anne of Green Gables) are not for everyone.
    Man, I really need to watch Amazing Grace!!

    lavender & blue
    the inkpot girl

    1. Yeah, I really enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables books, but other than that I haven't found very many of hers that I liked. Emily of New Moon just creeped me out. *wink*
      You should! It's a great movie! <3

  5. Why is the music video so for "Live Until I Die" so amazing!!!??? <333
    *rolls eyes* "Girl" is a lovely song! *laughs*

  6. Yes, Thumbelina was one of those videos that terrified us and yet we watched it so much! What is with kids and terrifying themselves? ;)