Thursday, March 30, 2017

Living in the Love of the Common People

Nothing much happening in my world, folks.
 Our computer went turbo on me and hasn't been working, so I haven't had much motivation to do any writing. 
 The laptop just doesn't have that pleasant 'clickety-clack' that our computer keyboard does. 
Hopefully sweet Uncle Clint can get it fixed, because I don't exactly like the thought of having lost ten years worth of pictures, plus four years work of my BOOK. 
 Yeah...let's not even think about THAT. 
I honestly can't think of much to write about, but the title is nice, isn't it? ;)
 Thought you'd all enjoy the pic of my delicious nacho, It was very good, thank you. *laughter*
Let's see....My Grandpa had open-heart surgery, and is doing much better, thankfully, but it gave us all a little scare just the same.
 My sisters, cousin(s) and I are considering flying out East to help out while he gets back on his feet, but it hasn't been decided yet.
 Money, money, money is always a problem.
Praying about it and seeing what God has in store.
 Spring is finally here!
The weather here has been typical spring for the Northwest.
 Rain, then sunny, then rain again, all in one afternoon, and I've been loving it. <3
Other than that, 'everything is the same old same..'
 Living the life, doing dishes, laundry, chores.
Split a little wood and stacked it. (Yes, with an ax. *flexes very small muscles*)
 I wore my cowboy boots, yes, it was raining, and no I did NOT slip and do a face plant again.
*grins with a sense of pride*
Every time wear my boots while working outside, my siblings look at me with raised brows and say, 'Don't slip!'
 But what are boots for if not working outside? Goodness, people.
I learned my lesson and watch where I step. LOL
 I even cleaned the gutters in the pouring rain, standing precariously on a rickety ladder, with my boots and didn't slip once. Let's have an applause all around. *thank you, thank you*
 Enough of my silliness.
The rain has turned out yellow grass green again, and the fields look so lush and inviting, I have to refrain from jumping the fence and frolicking through the grass.
 The cows would certainly give me an odd look, wouldn't they?
Not to mention what the neighbor's reaction would be to see a full-grown adult running through HIS cow pasture, her hair streaming behind her and her arms waving as she screeches, 'I feel so alive!'
 It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the matter.
I once climbed our tree in the front yard, to see if I still could, just to have that very same neighbor stand under the very same tree to chat with my dad.
 I held my breathe and tried to remain perfectly still, not wanting to try and explain just why an eighteen-year-old girl is randomly sitting in a tree.
 I don't know if he saw me or not. *laughs out loud*  
Now that we had my random little chatter...

Just bought myself this CD. 
Have you heard him? It's amazing! <3  

I've been doing a little SMASH booking lately. 
This page is filled with ranches I drool over in LAND magazine. 

Wonderful memories with old friends... <3 

I am slowly mastering the art of a lattice crust! 
This one is a little crooked....*sighs*

Some humor for your day. 

And a little bit of wisdom before we part ways. 



  1. Enjoyed the update!
    Have to say, I totally know that panic feeling when you accidently call someone!

  2. I laughed so much at this post;) literally laughing out loud, haha;)

  3. Loved all those quotes so much. xD
    Nice photos! These life update posts are the best. <3

    lavender & blue

  4. Ahh, I like how you've been doing some SMASH* booking recently. I really should be doing some in my own... :)