Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's Going On In You World?

Just thought I'd give ya'll a little update on my 'exciting' life.
 I've had a cold for about a week now, and my head is now slowly clearing up, thank goodness, so it's been much easier to sleep at night.
 To be perfectly honest, nothing much has been happening these days. lol
Both of my sisters already did posts on our trip to visit Kirsten and her family, so I won't bore ya'll by posting another long one about the same thing.
 Besides, I haven't a cool pictures like they do. *winks*
But it was an awesome weekend, full of fun, good food, and lots of snuggles with my sweet little cousin Kaaren. Just LOVE that girl.
 I always enjoy going to see those people, no matter how long a stay.
They seem to make you feel so at home, and well, liked. 
It's a nice feeling, to know people like you and actually want to be with you. haha
 The weather here has been pretty dull, too, along with the days, but I'm welcoming this time of quiet.
 I may have a new part-time job soon, (one I'm not too overly thrilled about. I never enjoy cleaning other people's messes, especially if they have a dog. Ugh) and it may keep me pretty busy.
 It isn't official yet, so we shall see.
I've been praying for God to open doors if He wants me to start work of some kind, but when he opened this one, I was kind of, 'Um, are You sure?'
 So now I've been praying that if this is truly what He wants me to do for a while, to show me for sure, and to give me strength, patience and cheerfulness to do the job.
 I mean, when He opens the door, I have to have the courage to step through it, don't I?
It's stepping way out of my comfort zone to drive to places I've never been, (I don't exactly enjoy driving) talk to people I've never met, and clean so thoroughly, you can run a white glove along the trim without getting a speck of dust or lint.
 It's almost like working for some rich millionaire, I guess, although I would rather clean up a huge mansion that was fairly clean before I started.
 Cleaning up dog hair and waste is just not my cup of tea.
I don't mind cleaning, but cleaning dirty houses. *sighs*
 We'll have to see how this goes.
I'm trying to keep an open mind and cheery outlook.
 Not doing a very good job, am I? *Looks a little ashamed. sorry*

  My current favorite songs:
Volare by Dean Martin 
Return to Me by Dean Martin

Remember When by Alan Jackson 

One Woman Man by Josh Turner

Currently watched:

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Currently read:
With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin 

The Man Called Noon by Louis L'Amour 

I haven't been doing much reading, I'm afraid. *blushes* 
 The Louis L'Amour was lying around because my brother was reading it, and I always tend to read anything I find on the coffee table. (It bugs him to no end to find me reading his book. chuckles)
 My sweet aunt back East sent me a package of books in the mail, and the Sarah Sundin book was one of them. I enjoyed it, actually. :)
 Now I am working on another one she sent:

And that's basically all I've been up to! 
 Along with some sewing and the usual household chores (laundry, cleaning, dishes, ect.) 

How's your life been? 



  1. My life? *pulls covers back over head*
    hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! ;P

  2. Praying with you about the cleaning job:) Love you! <3

  3. You aren't just liked, deary, you are loved! And the Sarah Sundin book? Love her writing, she's the author Kirsten was telling you about when you were here and that's the series she was looking for, for you! I just ordered the last book in a couple of her series' that we don't have. Praying you have peace about your new job! I don't care for cleaning either ;)

    1. Aw, love you, too. I was trying to remember the name, and when Mary sent me that book, I was wondering if it was the same author :) aw, thank you, aunty dear.

  4. I am currently reading a Sarah Sundin book at this exact moment! And eating pizza;)

    1. Sweetness! ;) I'll have to look up that series you wanted me to read and see if the library has it

  5. I read a couple of Sarah Sundin's books...Can't remember what I thought..:-P but the library has some I know!

  6. I hope that new job goes well for you guys! Will be praying! :)

  7. "And you didn't call an ambulance?!"
    I love Dick Van Dyke!

  8. I hope you are well! And that your job works out :-)

  9. Haha! Dick Van Dyke is soooo funny!! *gaps*