Saturday, June 4, 2016


For a lot of people in this great nation of ours, freedom is just a word.
 Just a word politicians debate about, a word people use in speeches on days like Veterans Day and the 4th of the July.
 We hear it often enough.
But do we really know what it means?
There are people all over the world that would give up their own lives for one, solitary, second of freedom.
If their last breath on earth was to be the moment they would be given the freedom we all enjoy so much, they would die, and they would die gladly.
 Freedom is a sweet, sweet, thing that so many across the globe wish to simply have a small taste of its goodness, while those who have a steady diet forget how precious liberty is.
They have the nerve to complain, to whine that they aren't getting their fair share, when they should be getting down on their knees and thanking God for His Blessings, for placing them in a country where they can still go to church, sing, laugh and joke without fear or intimidation.
 You can hop on over to get your third coffee on whim.
You can talk about politics, government, without danger.
You lie down in bed at night, knowing that your family is safe and secure.
 You can worship God in any way you see fit, because in this country we have freedom!
And that freedom wasn't handed to us on a silver platter, either.
 It was fought for, bled for, defended and paid for by every man and woman who loved freedom more than their own lives.
They were thinking of you as they stumbled across Valley Forge.
They were thinking of you as they were being shot down in a bloody field at Gettysburg.
 They were thinking of you as they waded into that cold, tumbling waves at the beaches of Normandy.
They were thinking of you as they worked in a make-shift bamboo hospital in the middle of a place called Baatan.
 They were thinking of you as they crept through mine-infested rice fields in a strange country called Vietnam.
 They are thinking of you as they sneak through the darkness toward a enemy with only a knife as their weapon.
 Freedom is for you if only would learn to appreciate it.
Its time you got down on your knees to thank God for this blessed word.
                                                                   God Bless America