Monday, November 14, 2016

Harvest Party

Well, I finally got around to uploading my pictures. *weary sigh*
 Our group had a Harvest party last month, and we all dressed up (even the boys, for once)
and unfortunately, we ALL forgot our cameras, so the pictures you are about to see are from my cell phone, which has an awful camera.
I didn't take very many, (again, apologies) but I guess I was too busy enjoying everyone's company. ;)

It was Sunday, and so after church, us girls and my brother went to my grandpa's to eat lunch and get ready.
 I did Marita's hair in pin curls, and it turned out very nice... for about three seconds.
I really need to invest in some setting lotion....
 But we won't even go there. lol ;)
So I set her hair in pin curls, Marissa's in barrel curls, then did their makeup as well.
 Emily came later and I did her hair and makeup, too.
I felt like I was working on set a movie. lol
 I finally got around to doing my own hair and makeup, but I don't think it turned out very well.
I was hot and tired, so my heart really wasn't in it anymore, and my fingers just wouldn't work.
Oh, well.

When we finally were ready, we realized none of us brought cameras!
 So we very quickly took some pics with our cells then hurried out the door.

Daminika went as a tree.
Honestly, I don't know what I was.
Never did decide. haha
Movie star? Princess? Bridesmaid?

Isn't he handsome?
United States Navy offcier
I thought his costume turned out very well!
Marita, 1930's, French Resistance
Her hair was already flattening by this, but
she always looks adorable, so it didn't affect her any. ;)

Marissa, 1950's :)
Wish I could have gotten a better pic.
Her hair was quite nice, if I do say so myself. ;)

Felicity, 1990s. ;)
Looked just like my mom did at her age. haha

Emily Sue!
1960's :)
Reminded me of Mary-Ellen from the Waltons

My adorable brother, Chancy.
He went as a logger, based off a local logger we all know. ;)
Never did a get very good pic of him alone. ;)

Roger was a firefighter, Rusty was a detective.
Not very good pic of him, but he's the one in the trench coat. ;)

So much food!

The gals. Missing Shanoah
Kaysha was a doll, by the way ;)

The men. :D
Rusty had already left, so he's not in this pic.
Colten and Kenyon were just cowboys, but I think you could see that ;)

Visiting :)
Cameya came, too.

Not very good pictures.
 I'm so sorry, ya'll. ;)

It was a wonderful party, with plenty of laughter, chatting, and goodness, food!
 I'm sorry it's not a very informative post, but haven't time for a nice, long, sob story. ;)



  1. I think the pictures are good! ;P
    There was sooo much fooood!!!! It was wonderful.
    And I think all our costumes turned out nice!
    Chancy was soooooo cuuuute!!!!!!! ;P

  2. Such great costumes!! And your photos are not bad at all -- you totallly caught the action and mood. :D


  3. Yes, there was a lot of food! And can you believe it? I didn't even "cheat"! ;) It was fun! :)

  4. Good job on everyone's hair and stuff! You look very nice despite how you felt about it ;-)

  5. Yes, good job on everyone's hair and stuff. And yes, you look just beautiful!! :)