Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Favorite Singers Part Three

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! Mine was awesome. :D

Now that we got country down (sooooo many singers) it's time for my crooners/jazz/rock list! ;)
 Don't freak, ya'll.
My 'rock' is more down-beat than modern country. lol
Vera Lynn

Nobody can sing a song like Vera Lynn. <3
Living in England during the dark days, with the terrifying bombings and other threats, she portrayed the courage and strength of all the people of Europe.
She sang to the soldiers fighting overseas and gave them encouragement to continue the harsh struggle against the Nazis and Japanese war machines.
Soldiers from Europe and the Americas were all thankful for this lovely little woman and her rich, soothing voice singing them back home.  
She is still living today!
I love her beautiful accent, her soothing, meaningful way of singing, and then, she's beautiful!
 Some of her songs that I enjoy are:
'Coming In On a Wing and Prayer'. 'We'll Meet Again', 'When the Lights Go On Again', 'Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye', and 'Yours'.
 My all-time favorite is:
'As Time Goes By'. <3 

The Andrews Sisters

These three also played a huge part in keeping up the morale during WWII's dark days. :)
 Their beautiful harmony was perfect and the happy rhythm of their songs kept everyone hopeful and smiling even as the world raged afire, and they entertained the homesick servicemen.
 I love their unique style and plucky attitude. :D
Some songs: 'The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy', and 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree'.
 A trio that still hasn't lost it's ability to charm the hearts of millions!  <3 

Frank Sinatra

 One of my personal favorites. Must. control. urge. to. squeal.... *Swoon*
 He was the picture of class and charm (just look at that smile!) with a way of making your heart just fly with his voice.
 His music either makes you snap your fingers in tempo or close your eyes and glide with the song. :)
I can't even begin to describe the way he sings a song.
 So happy and care-free you want to dance and laugh or so lonely and sad your throat hurts to hear him sing. ;)
He was the 'Justin Bieber' of the 40's (although the two don't even compare. Blech) with his soothing voice and happy grin, and many a girl dreamed of seeing 'Old Blue Eyes' in person.
Incidentally, a couple other nicknames he had were 'The Voice' and 'Swoonatra'. <3
 But I can't spend my whole time swooning over old Frank. lol :D
Some of his many, many hits include:
'I'll Never Smile Again', 'In the Wee Small Hours', 'Young at Heart', 'My Way',
 'Nancy, With the Laughing Face', 'My Kind of Town', and 'Fly Me to the Moon'.
Love this guy!
Dean Martin
Another heartthrob of the late 40's and 50's (and another heart-thumper for me. lol), Dean Martin was one of the greatest crooners of their time. (besides Sinatra. Nobody can beat Frank)
 His unique voice is aamaaazing, and his rhythm irresistible. ;)
He was born to Italian parents, and I think that added to his unique voice. :D
 I actually haven't heard too many of his songs, but of the ones I heard, I really liked. <3
Some songs:
'Sway', 'Return to Me', 'My Rifle, Pony and Me', and 'Volare'.
 If you haven't heard him sing, you have to check it out!

Perry Como
Now this guy!
 He's got a voice like no other, and you just have to hear him sing, 'Sugartime'!
 Swoonville! ;)
He's got a rhythm like a gently rolling sea, and a voice like the summer wind. <3
 *Ahem.* *struggles to hide the dreamy look*
Anyways, he's a great entertainer with a great voice. ;)
 Some songs:
'Magic Moments', 'It Had to Be You', 'Almost Like Being in Love', 'Sugartime', 'Some Enchanted Evening' and 'Catch a Falling Star'.  
Andy Williams

I grew up hearing this guy sing the theme song for 'Where The Red Fern Grows', but I never realized it was him.
 Even then my throat always choked up and I felt like crying when I heard him sing.
A couple years ago he played on my Pandora and I thought, 'Hey, he sounds like the guy in 'Where the Red Fern Grows' but of course it isn't him.'
 Well, it was him. ;) haha
I added his station to my Pandora and loved his melodious voice!
 He has a way of making you cry, no matter what he's singing.
Or maybe it's just me? *embarrassed giggles*
 Some of his beautiful songs:
'Moon River', 'The Exodus Song', 'Can't Help Falling in Love', 'Danny Boy', 'The Impossible Dream' and 'The Hawaiian Wedding Song'.
 Wonderful artist!

Doris Day

Finally another girl on this list. ;)
 I LOVE Doris Day and her simple yet elegant way of singing, and she was so pretty, too!
Because of her simple, 'girl-next-door' look, she was called 'The Tomboy with the Voice' and it's not hard to see why!
 Her powerful but soothing tone is amazing and I could never tire of her pretty voice. <3
I enjoy watching her in the musical 'Calamity Jane' and singing the house down. :D
 Some of her songs that I love:
'Que Sera, Sera', 'It Had to Be You', 'Again', 'We'll Meet Again', 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon', and 'Moonlight Bay'.

Ed Ames

 I first discovered Ed Ames when watching 'The Daniel Boone Show' in which he played the character 'Mingo' (LOVE) and in some way or another we found out he was a singer.
 He had been part of the 'Ames Brothers' (which is another great group to look up) but later went on his own. :)
His voice is rich, deep and beautiful, with wonderful, sophisticated backing music, always perfect rhythm, and one of these days I am going to buy an album for myself. ;)
 Some of my favorite hits of his:
'There's a Kind of Hush', 'They Call the Wind Maria', 'Thing Called Love' and 'My Cup Runneth Over', 'When the Snow is On the Roses', and 'Edelweiss'.
 :D Love this singer!

The Everly Brothers

 I grew up with this duo, because they are considered both country and rock and I grew up with country music. ;)
 Although their voices are a little higher than I usually like (I prefer baritones. lol) I really like these two's style and rhythm.
 They've got great harmony and a unique style that's different than any other singer I've heard.
It is also for sentimental reasons that I love them so much. ;)
 They were one the groups that the teenagers and young people of the time listened to endlessly, and helped shape the decade into the 'rocking fifties'. :D
They have got such great 'snappy' music, but could also croon a song so beautifully you could swoon. ;)
 Some of their songs:
'Devoted', 'Crying in the Rain', ''Wake Up, Little Susie', 'All I Have to do is Dream', 'Cathy's Clown', 'Problems', 'When Will I Be Loved', 'I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail', 'Love of My Life', and 'Ebony Eyes'....
 I could keep on going, but could never name all their great hits. ;)

Peter, Paul and Mary

This group I just recently discovered, and I haven't heard that many songs of theirs, but the ones I've heard I really enjoyed. :)
 The woman usually is the lead singer, but sometimes the men sing solos, too, and they have beautiful harmony.
 Their voices are so soft, sweet and simple, with quiet guitars and pianos as their backing music, keeping the whole song soothing and soft.
 My sisters tease me and tell me they are hippies, but I haven't heard any songs that sound like 'anti-war, peace and love' hipsters, although they may have some.
 My favorite song of theirs is by far: 'The Wedding Song (There Is Love)' which I would love to have in my own wedding someday. :D
 Others include:
'Where Have All the Flowers Gone?', 'Leaving On a Jet Plane', '500 Miles', 'Blowin In the Wind', 'If I Had a Hammer', and 'This Land Is Your Land'.
 Now I think about it, 'Blowin in the Wind' may mention something that could sound a little 'hippyish' but it's a really pretty song. ;)

Ricky Nelson
*flustered giggles* <3
 Need I say anymore?
Ricky Nelson was a teen idol of the fifties and sixties with a gorgeous voice, wonderful rhythm, and *cough* he's not bad looking either. *cough*
 He had such a way of singing that is so hard to explain.
It was always as if there was a great storm swirling around him as he stood there calmly singing in his melodious voice, with those bright blue eyes shining.
 His style also varied from slow and pretty, to jazzy or 'rockish'. :D
 He was always so quiet and humble about his talent, and I think that appealed to the fans even more.
If you haven't heard him sing, you haven't lived, my friend! ;)
Some of his songs include:
'Hello, Mary Lou', 'Everlovin', 'Fools Rush In', 'Never Be Anyone Else But You', 'Sweeter Than You', 'Young Emotions', 'You Are the Only One', 'A Wonder Like You', 'Garden Party', 'Right By My Side', 'Lonesome Town', 'Honeycomb', 'You Are My Sunshine', 'For Your Sweet Love'......
 I've got to stop!
But there are so many!

Elvis Presley

Aw, come on.
 Do I even have to say anything more?
I mean, everybody knows Elvis, right? ;)
 Although most people probably haven't heard his really good songs.
He had such a deep , deep voice that carried so well with such rhythm.... <3
 I don't listen to him near as often as Ricky, and I prefer Ricky Nelson over him, (sorry Kirsten) but I still enjoy him every now and then. :)
 My favorite of all his songs: 'Follow That Dream'.
Other great songs include:
'Blue Suede Shoes', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Love Me Tender', and 'Always on My Mind'. 

The Carpenters
I love these two!
 A brother and sister group that really made it to the top during the 1960's, they had such a way of singing that makes your heart just dance! :D
 I haven't heard too many of their songs (my, I say that a lot) but I really love their style.
So melodious, unique and fun. :D
 You should really check them out!
They also sing, 'There's a Kind of Hush' and do it BEAUTIFULLY. *sighs*
 Others include:
'Top of the World', 'Jambalaya', and 'Yesterday Once More'. (I heard it once)
The Cascades

This is another group I recently discovered because of Pandora, and I am really growing to love them!
  They have such wonderful harmony with deep, voices and a beautiful musical background like no other.
 Some songs:
'Rhythm of the Rain' (LOVE), 'The Last Leaf', 'Shy Girl', 'Dreamin', 'There Is a Reason', and 'Angel On my Shoulder'.  

The Lennon Sisters

These girls have a harmony and melody that few people can match in this day and age.
 So soft and pretty, in perfect harmony, they were big during the fifties and sixties, and three of them still sing together today!
 Some songs:
'Sugartime', 'Moon River', 'Georgey Girl', 'Zip-ah-doo-dah', and 'When I Fall in Love'.

The Seekers

 This group is from Britain, so my siblings accuse me of being a traitor to my country. (which makes no sense since Daminika loves Jim Dale, who is also English. Oh, and Davy Jones! He's English, too, sister dear).
 Anyways, I think they have great voices and a lovely style to their music.
(This group is also from sixties)
 Some songs:
'World of Our Own', 'Georgy Girl', 'Kumbaya', '500 Miles', 'Danny Boy', and  'Morningtown Ride'.

And we come to end of my favorites singers series!
 I am sure I missed many people. but if I tried to came every single singer I ever thought was nice, we'd never be off of here!

Do you know any of these people?

What's your opinion on old-time singers?



  1. You forgot the king of crooning, Bing Crosby! And I love Vera Lynn :)

    1. This is a list of MY favorite crooners. You know I don't love Bing like you do. ;)

  2. Oh and another good crooner is Pat Boone ;)

  3. Loved!

    Most of these people, when I hear them, remind me of you. But some I have loved for years! Like "The Andrews Sisters", "The Lennon Sisters", and "The Everly Brothers".

    No one can sing "Sugartime" like Perry Como (besides the Lennon Sisters!) or "Moon River" like Andy Williams.

    Ricky <3 no words for that guy. No matter what he sang, he sang it well. I love my two CD's of him, especially my Country!
    Whenever I'm feeling "lonely and down" all I need to do is pop Ricky in and let him sing my worries away. Guess he feels like an old family friend! And I have yet to hear any songs of his I don't like? Some I like more than others (like "Walkin' Down the Line" and "No Vacancy") but none do I dislike!

    1. I know! Ricky is so awesome. <3 He's one of those singers you never tire of hearing.

  4. I loved this post. So many of the singers you mentioned are my favourites as well, especially The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and Doris Day.
    Music from the 40's and 50's was just at a whole other level than most modern music. Everyone was somehow more musically talented back then.

    Some of my favourite crooners/jazz artist that wasn't in the post are Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey (I do have a weakness for bigbands), Bing Crosby and The Mills Brothers.

    A really lovely post! I feel all inspired to do one of my own now:)

    1. Glen Miller! Love him! I just wasn't sure if he counted since he was a band leader and not really a singer. lol
      Bing Crosby is nice, and I don't mind listening to him, but he's just not my favorite, so I didn't include him. ;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! :D

    2. Oh, and I do LOVE big bands. <3

  5. This is MY kind of music. ;P
    But you did forget a lot... oh, wait. I forget you don't like the same singers as me. Tommy Sands, Frankie Avalon, Paul Petersen, Johnny Crawford... But like I said, you don't like the same singers as me.
    "Are you kidding?! Ricky Nelson!?" (says in Hayley Mills' accent)
    That guy was sooo amazing! I love how he was shy, and humble. Didn't really understand why everyone loved him so much. No matter what song of his plays on my Pandora I'm like "OOOHHHHH!!!!" ;D
    Ooh! And The Everly Brothers! <3 <3
    I love The Cascades, too.
    (I didn't realize you heard Elvis sing "Follow that Dream" that's my favorite too!)
    "Sugartime" is best by Jim Dale, sorry. ;P And as for him being English - his accent adds to the loveliness of the song! And in my opinion The Seekers accents DON'T add to it. At least not in "Georgy Girl" (which Jim Dale wrote the lyrics for- didn't cha know? ;P)
    (oh. and about Davy Jones- just sentimental reasons that I love him)
    I like music form the 50s and 60s best. 40s is okay I guess. ;P

    1. I knew Jim Dale wrote it. Which is why it should be ok for British people to sing it, smarty-pants. ;)
      Davy Jones stinks. *cough*
      Anyways, I completely forgot Frankie Avalon! *gasp!*
      Oh, well. ;)

  6. Very good post! I enjoyed it!

  7. :) I'm not as familiar with these singers. I don't think crooners are really my style of music. :) Some I have definitely heard of, but don't really listen to.