Friday, November 18, 2016

My Favorites Singers Part One

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Good old Sam Elliot's smile!

After watching the 2016 CMA awards, (50th anniversary!)I realized how much I love the old-time country music. <3
 So sad whenever people think of country these days, they think of 'country-wanna-be's' like Eric Church or Jason Aldean.
 Let me say this now:those fake accents...shudder.
 That being said, I decided to share with you my favorite singers, from oldest to newest, and I am also planning on doing a future post about old-time crooners, ect.
 So here we go. :D

The Royal Family of country music, The Carter Family.

What would the world be without songs like, 'Keep On the Sunny Side', and 'Wildwood Flower'?
 They first sang in the 1920's, when country music was first trying it's wings, and they influenced the whole entire music scene with their refreshing, down-home style.
 Maybell Carter (left) brought to the world her own style of guitar playing, which is now called, 'The Carter Scratch', and later was 'Mother Maybell' of the Carter Sisters.

Roy Acuff

I actually haven't heard very many of his songs, but hearing him sing' Wabash Cannonball' is enough to set your heart flying. ;)
 He does the train whistle himself, and the old-time sound is absolutely beautiful. <3
The Grand Old Opry star is a legend in the country music realm, and hearing his voice, it's easy to see why!

Hank Williams

Oh, I can't even say enough about how much I love this guy!
 How can one describe good old Hank, the artist, the legend?
 His country-boy style, southern twang, and soulful voice can make your heart ache, he's that good. ;)
  His personal story is a very sad one, indeed, (alcohol struggles, divorce, spiritual wandering) and maybe that's what makes his voice so mournful and lonely.
 Hank put his whole entire self into his songs, and he caught the hearts of millions of listeners.
'Lovesick Blues', 'Hey, Good Lookin', 'Jambalaya', and 'Lost Highway' are some favorites of mine, but by far the best are his gospel. <3
 He wrote the beloved song, 'I Saw the Light' and many, many other beautiful gospel songs, like, 'Angel of Death', 'When God Comes to Gather His Jewels', 'Dear Brother', 'Wealth Won't Save You Soul', 'Calling You'. 'I'm Gonna Sing, Sing, Sing'...I could go on and on.
 You can tell he means those beautiful words he wrote, from the bottom of his heart, and it hurts me when I know how he died.
 I pray he came to know the true meaning of 'Seeing the light' before his death.
 If you haven't heard his gospel, you have to check it out!  

The King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers

Ok, so Roy is probably not considered 'country' by a lot of people's standards, but I couldn't have a list of old-time singers without him. <3
 He was a true artist, could play anything and sing on the spur of the moment without a missing a beat or even putting out an effort.
 His pure, clean country-boy voice is amazing, his acting and morals excellent, and it's no surprise he became the well beloved hero of millions of kids.
 My siblings and I still watch his old movies, and we have every single song memorized, right to the yodeling. ;)
 Some of his best songs (in my opinion, that is) include:
'Yellow Rose of Texas', 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds', 'Stampede', 'Hoppy, Gene, and Me', and 'Happy Trails' :D 
Tennessee Ernie Ford

I personally don't listen to his country often, although I think he sings 'Sixteen Tons' beautifully.
 His deep baritone is as smooth as butter. *sighs*
He sang more of the old-time songs, like Civil War era, but the songs I enjoy the most would have to be his hymns.
 'Precious Memories', 'How Great Thou Art'....oh, he sings them with such feeling in that rich bass of his.
 Definitely a favorite one mine!

Marty Robbins

Another legend of country, Marty Robbins!
 His voice is so unique, I really can't describe it, but it's very soulful and rich, tugging at your heartstrings, no matter what song he's singing.
 His western songs, like, 'The Green Valley' 'The Master's Call' and 'Cowboy In the Continental Suit' are a personal favorite of mine, but he sang a wide variety of styles.
 He also sang pop, old-time rock, and who knows what all. haha ;)
'A White Sport Coat', 'Singing the Blues' and 'Story Of My Life' are some other favorites of mine.
 If you haven't heard him, look into it!
He's worth it. ;)

George Jones and Tammy Wynette

 One of the most amazing duos of country music, in my opinion. ;)
Although they divorced later on, they are still one of the most famous husband-wife singers in history, and they have amazing voices, whether singing together, or solo.
Together as a duo, my favorite songs of theirs would have to be 'We're Gonna Hold On' and 'The Ceremony'.

Beautiful, beautiful. <3
 Tammy's famous, 'Stand By Your Man' (love) is still a hit, and doesn't show any sign of fading with age, and the same goes for George's beautiful, 'He Stopped Loving Her Today'.
 Later on, when George became a professing Christian (not long before he died) he recorded many beautiful hymns.

Patsy Cline

My sister is going to read this and think, 'WHAT?'
 Ever since I was old enough to speak my opinion, I declared my disgust for Patsy Cline's deep, husky singing style, but now I realized I really don't mind it. ;)
 She had very nice rhythm and mood to her music, and now and then I pop her into the cd player for old time's sake. ;)
 She is another legend, hitting the charts with her songs like, 'There He Goes' and 'Back in Baby's Arms'.
 My all-time favorites are 'Walkin' After Midnight' and 'Life's Railway to Heaven'.

Merle Haggard

Ah, this guy!
 His voice was so deep, rugged, and down-home...You can listen and just feel right at home. :)
You can't say you like country without loving this man's voice! ;)
 The music in his songs is always simple and pretty, (no drums or loud instruments) and he has a balladeer style voice.
 Some of my favorites are 'Bonnie and Clyde', 'Daddy Frank', 'Fightin' Side of Me', and 'If We Make It Through December'.
 Another legend!

Pernell Roberts <3

He actually was never considered a singer, but I love his voice, and he should have been one!
 I grew up watching him as 'Adam Cartwright' on the TV western, 'Bonanza', and he sang in a few episodes, and even recorded a couple albums with the rest of the 'Cartwrights'.
He has such a melodious voice, so smooth and sleek, with no musical training of any kind. :)
 He also played the guitar very well. :)
Some of his songs:
'Shady Grove', 'Early One Morning', 'Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies', and 'They Call the Wind Maria.'

Roy Clark

An amazing guitar and banjo player, with a great voice!
 I grew up watching him and Buck Owens sing together on 'Hee-Haw' and always loved him. :)
He was always such a comedian and made every song fun-filled and humorous. :D
 Some songs:
'Rocky Top',  and 'Why, Me Lord?'

Sonny James

I don't know very many of his songs, but he had a great voice! <3
 I can't describe his beautiful singing, so I'm just going to cut the jabber and name off his songs. ;)
 'Endlessly', 'Cradle of Love' and 'Running Bear'.

Buck Owens
Always loved this guy, and when I found out he had been my Grandma's favorite, I came to love him even more. :D
 I grew up watching him and Roy Clark on 'Hee Haw' and loved his singing.
His best songs (I think) are:
'Act Naturally', 'Love's Gonna Live Here' and 'My Heart Skips a Beat'.
He and Susan Raye also sang together for years, and I love them as duo!
 They sing 'Great White Horse', 'Just As Long As You Love Me', and 'Looking Back To See' beautifully. <3
Eddy Arnold
His voice was soooooo....smooth and rich! <3
 Although he sang the same hillbilly songs as the rest of the singers, he brought sophistication and class to the Grand Old Opry, and he was added to the Country Music Hall of Fame later on in his life.
 He could yodel as good as any cowhand and his crooning could put Bing Crosby to shame. ;)
'Cattle Call' and 'Blue, Blue Day' are my favorite hits of his. :D

Burl Ives
So, this guy is not country, but he's folk, so I thought that was close enough. ;)
 He has a down-home, front-porch-type of singing voice, and although I know quite a few people who don't like him, he's a favorite of mine. So there. *nose in the air* ;)
 I actually first saw him in Disney movies I grew up watching, like 'Summer Magic' and 'So Dear To My Heart' and he sang in both of those.
 Even as a little girl I loved hearing him sing, 'Come on let's crawl, gotta crawl, gotta crawl, to the ugly-bug ball..."
 And when he sang 'The Front Porch' in 'Summer Magic', I thought I would just die, it was so beautiful. *wistful sigh*
 haha, Anyways...Back to our topic.
He sang more the 'folky-type' songs, like 'Blue-Tail Fly' and 'Goober Pees'. :)
 Love his old-fashioned voice. :) 

Dolly Parton
I feel so odd even writing about her.
 I mean, everybody knows who she is, right? ;)
I guess I do remember once a cousin shocked the whole group by asking, "Who's Dolly Parton?"
You could have knocked me over with a feather!
She's gotten quite.. interesting in her old age, so you may have grown up with her looking like an odd duck, but when I was little I grew up with the young Dolly Parton. :)
 She has a very unique voice, which I won't even begin to describe, and her old songs are so pretty. :)
Some of my favorites are, 'Smoky Mountain Memories', 'Coat of Many Colors', 'I Will Always Love You', 'Applejack' and 'Tennessee Mountain Home'.

Jim Reeves

This guy has one of those voices that either sends delightful shivers up your spine, or put you to sleep. haha
 His deep voice is so soothing and soft, and he always sang such pretty tunes. :)
Some of his songs:
'Billy Bayou', 'Blue Boy', and 'He'll Have To Go'. 

Johnny Horton
LOVE this man! *girlish squeals*
 His voice is so 'twangy' and fun, and he could sing in almost any key and rhythm, with that unique tone. :D
 I grew up with his singing, before I really knew who he was. ;)
He was a best friend with another legend, Johnny Cash, and married Hank William's widow.
 I got to add, it must have been so awful for that poor girl, losing Hank first, and then Johnny in a car accident. :( Country music lost a great legend when he died.
 But, back to his singing, he's got a great voice, and so many songs, I couldn't begin to name them all. ;)
Some are:
'All For the Love of a Girl', 'Whispering Pines', 'Johnny Freedom'. 'Battle of New Orleans', and 'I'm Ready, If You're Willing.'

Porter Wagoner
 Another awesome legend, and good old country boy. <3
He also sang as a due with Dolly Parton in her early years, and they were wonderful together. :)
 He had a hillbilly, homey sound to his singing, and he always had beautiful backing music in his songs, like banjos, fiddles, mandolins and guitars. (I've got this thing for instruments)
 His great songs:
'Company's Coming', 'Green, Green Grass of Home' and 'Daddy Was An Old-Time Preacher Man' (with Dolly)

Loretta Lynn
I actually don't listen to Loretta (Felicity does) very often, but she is a legend, and does sing some nice songs, so I thought she is worth mentioning. :)
 She has a cute accent and a voice that actually reminds me a lot of my great-aunts when they sing. :)
Her homespun style is very pretty, and she reminds me of my childhood. :D
 Some of her great songs are:
'Coal Minder's Daughter', and 'You're Looking At Country' :)
 She was also a duo with Conway Twitty, another great singer.
Conway Twitty
This guy has an amazing voice!
 Unfortunately, he didn't sing very many good ones, but, hey, I like his voice!
He was a rather odd looking guy, with big hair and sparkly suits, but he knew how to carry a tune. ;)
Some of his songs that I love are 'Hello, Darlin' and 'Joanie.' 

Ricky Nelson
All right, he's not necessarily country, but recorded, maybe three, country albums, and did wonderful!
 I'll write more about him in my crooners/rock post later on. ;)
His country songs include:
'Hello Walls', 'Welcome to My World', 'Walkin' On the Line' and 'Here I Am'.
Kitty Wells
Nothing sounds more like my childhood than the voice of Kitty Wells!
 She also reminds me of my aunts, and it never fails to give me a lump in my throat whenever I hear her voice.
 I mainly remember listening to her Christmas and Gospel, so can't really name any of country songs
at the top of my head. ;)
 But her gospel songs, 'Dust on the Bible' and 'How Far Is Heaven' are favorites of mine. :)

Donna Fargo
I didn't really grow up listening to her, except when she was on 'Hee-Haw', but I always knew her, and when Felicity bought a cd of hers a few years back, I fell in love with her unique voice. :)
 She had such a soft, dainty voice, but still powerful... It's hard to describe, so I won't even try. ;)
My favorite songs include:
'Superman', 'You Were Always There', 'You Can't Be a Beacon', 'Funny Face', 'I'll Try a Little Bit Harder', 'Whatever I Say', and 'Happiest Girl in the Whole U.S.A'.

Johnny and June Cash
Both of these people are legends alone, and if you are a country fan, you'd know Johnny Cash and June Carter (daughter of Maybell Carter and of the Carter Sisters).
  And I think they both are great singing solo, but I can only jabber so much, you know. ;)
So I will just talk about them as a duo; one of the greatest married singers of all time.
 Johnny's deep, deep voice with June's harmony is beautiful, and it's just so cute when they sing love songs together. <3
 Some of my favorites:
'If I Were A Carpenter', 'Far Side Banks of Jordan', and 'It Ain't Me'. :)

Crystal Gayle

Crystal Gayle is what I would call a more 'sophisticated country' singer. :)
 Baby sister to 'Queen of Country' Loretta Lynn, she certainly didn't live under her big sister's shadow for long!
 Her unique melodious voice hit the charts with her songs, and she is still widely listened to today :)

Some of my favorite hits are,
'Let Me Be There', and 'Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue'.

 And that is the end of part one!
 Whew, I'm warning you, I've got a ways to go.
When you grow up with this stuff, you can't have a small handful of favorite artists, you know. ;)
So until part two, 'Happy Trails!"

Who are your favorites country artists?

Did you know any of these singers?

What are your favorite country songs?




  1. Hehe, great choices! :D I'm not a big country music listener, but some of these artists sound familiar. ;)


    1. Yeah, not many people are these days. :) I like the relaxed, more simple way they sing. I don't listen to anything new, really. Just an old-fashioned girl, I guess. :)

  2. I really like Kitty wells, "C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S".

    1. Oh, I love that one! :) I mainly remember that song,'Kris Kringle' and 'Dasher'.

  3. Enjoyed!! You named off many a good singer!
    Course you know some of these aren't my "favorite" but I DO enjoy them on an occasion.
    Loretta! <3
    And Crystal! You forgot to mention "Wrong Road Again". THAT'S her best song ;)

    Where's Charley?! *panic face*

    1. Part two, dearie! ;) I'd never leave him out!

  4. Enjoyed!
    RICKY!!! *dies*
    Anyway. I like Crystal Gayle, Johnny Horton, Dolly Parton, SONNY JAMES, Marty Robins (please don't freak out - I just don't like to listen to ONLY his western. His country is the best), and of course Roy. ;P
    After watching the CMA Awards, I realized just how much of a country music fan I am. :)
    I can't wait to see more posts. =D

  5. I love how Dolly Parton sings "He's Alive"... I really like a lot of these singers too, my favorites would be Johnny Cash,Johnny Horton, Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard,and the list goes on. I hope in part two you have Waylon! He is one of my favorites too!!

    1. Oh, I know, I love that song, too. :D
      I just love the old-time singers of yesterday.
      Haha I will make sure to put Waylon, just for you. ;)

  6. Some of these I know and some I do not...I usually prefer old singers too ;-)

  7. I know most of these singers! :) Guess it comes naturally from growing up as your cousin. ;)

  8. I know some of these and some I don't ( other then through you kiddos) but I enjoy all I do know! :)