Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Blue Sky Tag

Natasha tagged me for the Blue Sky Tag, so I actually have something somewhat interesting to blog about. lol
 Thanks, girl. *Blows kisses*

1) What was one of your scariest moments?
Hmm......Well, honestly, I haven't had that many scary moments.
 I guess one I can think of, besides our car accident back in '08...
Swimming in my Grandpa's pool with my cousin, when I was little.
 We decided to see which one of us could stay underwater the longest, and both of us dived down. 
 Well, (I STILL have this problem) instead of simply shooting back to the surface, my brain said, 'Breathe!' so I did. 
 And sucked in a bellyful of water.  
Of course, I instantly began to cough, which caused me to suck in some more, and I began to panic.
 I didn't know which way was up, and I was choking.
Finally my wits came back and I reached out my hands, banging into the bottom of the pool, so I pushed with all my might and shot up.
 My cousin was still underwater, so this could have only happened in a few seconds, but it terrified me, and was coughing and gagging as I announced that I didn't want to swim anymore.
 Never did tell that cousin what happened.... *shrugs and smiles*

2) What is one thing you want to experience\do in life?
Hmm....A lot of things!
 I would like to go sailing someday, on some blue lake or ocean, in a white sailboat...*looks dreamy* 
Unfortunately, I get very motion sick, and even swimming can make me dizzy, so I don't see that ever happening, but it is a dream I've had since I was a little girl.  

3) Favorite vegetable (even if you don't like any ;P)?
 Who actually likes vegetables?
On second thought, I enjoy carrots and celery whenever I'm feeling too fat but need a snack.
 I LOVE cooked carrots for some reason. lol

4) What's one of your favorite Bible verses?
That's a hard one.
 I guess the one I most often think of and read would be Psalm 139:23-24
"Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me and know my thoughts:
And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."

5) If you could write one message to the entire world, what would it be?
Life isn't about gaining as much money or power as you can.
 It's about living for Christ in any way He sees fit, about loving and laughing with the heartache and tears, and about opening your arms and heart to all in need of help.
 In short:
Look to Christ, and let Him do amazing things with your life.

6) One book you hope to read this year?
Honestly, I have found that I am not much of bookworm.
 I LOVE reading a good book, but they are very few and far between, and I've come to realize the only author I really LOVE is Louis L'Amour.
 I guess I'm too much of a simple girl for all those many books out there with the dramatics.
 I suppose I would like to read Little Women again this year.
It's always a sweet book to read when you are feeling a little down in the mouth, and I enjoy Louisa's writing style.
 Sherlock Holmes will probably be read again. That goes without being said.

7) If you were to go into a movie and be the main character, which movie would you choose?
Oh, boy.
 Most movies I watch are war or historical movies, which don't always end the greatest... lol
 Summer Magic would be so cool.... <3
Getting to wear such pretty dresses, living is such a cute house, with Burl Ives around to sing for me. *winks*
 Not to mention dancing with Peter Brown! (Tom Hamilton)

8) What is your description of the perfect day?
Warm weather, (Not HOT) blue skies, and lush green grass for me to enjoy while playing a game of crochet or KanJam, or driving down a backroad with the windows down and music going.
 Then in the evening, when the sun is going down, a fire crackling, the crickets chirping and a guitar strumming while we sit in the grass and enjoy the evening.
 Summer memories...

9) Italian food or Mexican?
Can I say both? *blushes*
 I always enjoy going to Olive Garden, with all the jazzy music playing and the delicious food, but then again, Taco House has amazing chips and salsa, as well as awesome Mexican music... lol
 Depends on my mood.

10) What is one of your favorite stores?
Antiqued and Co. at the mall.
 It's a retro clothing store, which costs an arm and a leg, so I've never actually bought anything from them, but I could just stand there and drool all day long.
 Another one that I actually shop at would be online, if that counts?
I love, which is actually a natural store full of vitamins, oils, and beauty products.
 They have mineral makeup, and I just love ordering a new color of eye makeup from them. <3 They have so many soft, subtle shades to choose from.

11) What's your favorite season and why?
I love all the seasons...
 Summer is amazing, with all the warm weather, blue skies, and all the fun activities you can do.
And summer evenings are always so wonderful... <3
 But then fall, with it's cold, crisp air, and the chilly breezes and rain, makes it all so cozy inside.
Canned apples, caramel apples, apple cider...Oooh, I love fall.
 Winter is so cozy, and cold, and Christmas is in the winter, so that should just explain it all right there. I mean, who doesn't love the wonderful season?
 And then comes spring, when the trees and flowers begin to grow lush and abundant, and the birds come back from their winter vacation.
 All seasons have their good qualities, so honestly, I just couldn't pick one.

And we are done! I have to tag eleven people?!
 Whew...Do I even know that many?

I tag:

Sorry, but I just don't know enough ppl! *covers face*


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11. What is one thing God has done in your life?

Sorry if some of the questions are totally random. I'm a random person. lol


  1. These all are so fun to read! :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers- glad you did it! :D
    I know, Mexican and Italian food are both so good! I'm not sure if I have a preference either. ;P
    That's kinda how I feel about seasons... they all have good points, and I wouldn't want to be without one of them. :) I might still like some better than others though, IDK. ;P

  3. Fall! Fall is the absolute best season ever. "I could live it every day until I died and not care." *wink*
    Though I have to admit, I really enjoy summer evenings

  4. Carrots cooked with a roast are just delicious! Can't say I like carrots cooked by themselves, though.