Thursday, January 12, 2017

Baby, It's Cold Outside//Cabin Fever

 This freezing weather is going to be the death of me, guys.
I can't remember the last time I was warm!
 The view from my front window is pretty, gorgeous, though, and I have to admit I love snow-capped peaks.
 The neighbors fields are covered in a blanket of snow, the hills high above them, and the cows wandering about are pretty enough to paint.
 IF I had any canvas, which I don't. Shucks.
Speaking of painting, I can't recall the last time I ever put my brush against canvas, and felt the dreamy way the paint glides across it.... WAY too long.
 There is nothing more satisfying than blending strips of red, orange and yellow together to make a beautiful sunset, or mixing white onto blue to make a lovely summer sky.
(I love painting skies, ya'll)
 Waterfalls are so much fun, even when they don't end up looking like a waterfall...*makes a face*
I try. Don't judge.
I have always did a little painting, ( I can't say I do it WELL) and enjoy it, especially when I'm in my 'quiet mood', which I am in right now.
 But no canvas, so my mood will have to satisfied with a dreamy book. *picks up Louis L'Amour*
I have lots of hobbies, so you'd think I wouldn't be bored these days, even if I haven't been to church in almost four weeks....But no, I'm quite bored, actually. ;)
 I could crochet, I guess, but that gets old, and my eyes go crazy if I do it too long.
Read? Yes, there is always that, but I've read every book in the house since I was old enough to sound out 'C-A-T' so it kind of loses all source of entertainment when you can quote it front-ways and backwards.
 You can't just watch movies all day, and besides, we've finished Father Knows Best. ;)
The other night Daminika and I lost what little wits we had left and danced around our room to Alan Jackson, our cowboy hats bouncing dangerously on our heads.
 Have you attempted a line dance?
Well, I did it pitifully, let me tell you. ;)
 Felicity, being much too old and mature for such things, simply watched us make fools of ourselves.
AND sneaked a video.
 Shameful, Shameful, Shameful. *says in Gomer's voice*
Ahem. Anyways, I think I better go before I let this cabin fever get the better of me, and I start saying any crazy thing that comes to my head.
 As a side note, cows are NOT easy to paint.
I have never accomplished it. lol

What do you do for cabin fever?


  1. What do *I* do for cabin fever!? Well, I dance to Alan Jackson of course. ;P ;P ;D

    You're post made me smile. =P

  2. lol!!! You girls XD I'd totally be dancing with you, just saying. It's really just freezing here..almost no snow and I'm dying from school, so hardly can experience cabin fever yet lol

    call me next time you guys get ready to dance ;)

    1. Lol all right. Next time we do, I'll give you a ring. ;) Haha

  3. "Well, bless your heart!" *also said in Gomer's voice*
    Hey! It was a good video!
    I've felt better since I've gotten to work for three days!

  4. Nope, I've never tried to line dance! And I'm not really feeling any cabin fever since I got out just today!! :D

  5. I am glad we have been able to get out now!! :) Enjoyed this post!