Saturday, January 7, 2017


We all have our own little wishes and dreams, don't we?
What our husbands will be like, how many kids we'll have, the color of our house, where we'll live.
 Places we'll travel to, people we'll meet....
Everyone has special secret wishes or hopes.
 I would like to share some of my own with you, if you don't mind. ;)

My wedding, first of all!
Simple, but elegant, with just the right amount of country and class.
Oh, and plenty of lilacs. Always a must. ;)

I changed my mind, (again) about the men's suits
and decided I want them to wear gray instead of blue.

A decent-sized farmhouse, not too large, not too small,
with a great big porch porch and rocking chairs.

A flower garden!
I LOVE old-fashioned flower gardens with roses and climbing vines.

And I just HAVE to have a screen door. <3
They are so gorgeous, aren't they?

A pretty, small room with a beautiful view.
Oh, and all wood floors, and braided rugs.

What's a bedroom without a dainty dressing table?

Isn't this just amazing?
My kitchen, ya'll.... *sighs*
It's one of my most dreamed-about rooms in the whole house

I want a summer kitchen, guys!
So I can do my canning and other things out of the
house during the hot weather without heating up the home, and have
the main stove open for cooking in-between canning. :)
I could go on and on, but we won't go into that.....

Again, my summer kitchen. ;)
And of course, where would this dream home be but beneath a mountain?
With an old barn for my little-ins to explore
And now we come to the places I dream of seeing someday!

I want to travel the Southwest someday, and see this great land of ours.
Just looks at that! Doesn't it look straight out of an old western?

Bodie, California.
My sister already got to visit here, but I hope to see it one day.
In fact, I dream of seeing ALL the ghost towns here! lol

The Caribbean Sea....*Sighs*
Isn't it lovely?

Crete, Greece
I grew up watching the Disney film: 'The Moon-Spinners'
which took place in Crete, and even as a child dreamed of seeing
the beautiful place, with the calm blue water and rocky hills.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Oh, the history!

This one I don't dream about as much as the rest, but it would
still be wonderful to see one day.

Who else would like to see a real castle?

Normandy, France.
I would love to visit this place where decades before, our own soldiers
marched and gave up their lives to free the oppressed people.
Not to mention how pretty it is. ;)

There other places I would like to visit,(can't begin to name them all) and things I would like to do someday:

Ride a horse on the beach!
Oh, I want to, I want to! <3

Visit a lighthouse

Take a REAL trail ride, in the middle of nowhere,
and sit around the campfire in the evening. <3

Well, that's all I can think of for now. ;) 
What are some of your own dreams?



  1. These all sound like amazing dreams! :) I think it would be really cool to go to Ireland, and the Caribbean! And riding a horse on the beach sounds wonderful... :D

  2. I've been to the Southwest and I fell in love with deserts! I love the night sky and there is no better place to see stars! <3

  3. There is something to the Marissa said...the night skies and stars. I think all these dreams are pretty cool! Mine are close to the same ;)

  4. I too, have "my dream home!" It's so much fun to explore ideas for it, isn't it?
    Awe yes, the Southwest looks beautiful. I mean come on! You know a Louis L'Amour character walked those very grounds?
    Bodie is the best place. Ever. Period.

  5. You've got some great dreams there, sista. ;P
    I, too, want to see Ireland!! My love for it started when I read the "Mandie" books, and she went there. I just HAD to see these things that she seen. ;P And now I'm just kinda stuck on it.
    And to visit a Ghost Town is on my "bucket list" for life. And Bodie should be the first one -- I mean,JOHN WAYNE was there at one point! ;P

  6. I've always dreamed of seeing a real castle! Very "dreamy" dreams :-D

  7. I've been to at least 5 lighthouses! And I would love to go again. ;) I really love lighthouses. They seem so romantic.
    God made a beautiful world, didn't he? And I also would love to see more of it! :)

  8. Well, what's keepen ya?;) get agoen...:D!! lol, I was a big big dreamer at your age too. God made a beautiful world. Go out and enjoy it if it is in Gods plans for you!