Friday, September 8, 2017

Where are you, Fall?

If you live in the Northwest, you'll know the troubles we're going through right now.
 We haven't had rain in 70+ days, ya'll, and the countryside is showing the signs of drought.
There are major wildfires blazing right now, thousands of acres in flames, and many people have been evacuated, although only one home has been lost so far.
 The fire jumped the river, and is now on our side, but thankfully hasn't made it to our area yet, so we haven't had to evacuate.
 We've been praying for rain, and praying for the safety of all the brave firefighters that are putting their lives on the line. I hear it may rain? *prays that it's true*
 Thankfully, the winds have shifted, so the fire is no longer being blown in our direction, but I haven't heard if it is being contained or not.
 It's been a bad season for the Northwest, and Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho are all lit up with fires across the states, so we are in desperate need of rain.
 The worst thing in my area is the smoke!
All those fires can cause such a cloud of smoke, the air is actually considered dangerous in some places, and people are asking you to stay inside as much as possible.
 My room gets so hot, but we can't open the windows in the evenings because of the heavy gray cloud. The hills are either very faint in some places, or you can't see them at all.
Ash is falling everywhere, our cars are speckled with white and gray, and it's almost like a war zone, as some people walk around town with masks and bandanas over their faces.
 But it's improving. *breathes a prayer of thanks*
 I see people complaining, saying, 'No, summer can't be over!' and I'm like, "Waa? Guys, I'm so ready for fall, and it isn't coming!"
 I'm excited for cold, wet days, sweaters and boots, steaming mugs of hot cider and pumpkin coffee, and lying in bed with heavy layers of covers, your nose delightfully pink from the cold.
 Summer started early here this year, and it shows no signs of letting up.
I keep telling myself to be patient, because winter will be here soon enough, and we'll be stuck inside for a while, but I must admit, I'm not really listening. *shrugs*
  I've never liked too much heat.
It makes me sticky, sweaty, and little panicky at times, so late summer isn't always my favorite time of year.
 Early summer is nice, when the skies are blue and sunny, the grass is lush and green, and it's a high of 75 degrees. But as soon as it gets hotter....Ugh.
 I mean, when it's cold, you can bundle up! And sit next to a cozy fire.
But when it's can only take off so much! *laughs*
 It's like you can't get away from it.
So, if ya'll haven't noticed, I am excited for fall, and waiting impatiently for it to come.

What's your favorite thing about summer ending?



  1. Oh I can't wait for rain! I can't wait for caramel apples, hot apple cider, sweaters and boots!!! 😍

  2. Favorite thing about summer ending... Maybe the fall fashion? Or the cooler weather? =D
    I hope it gets better there soon! Doesn't sound fun. :P

  3. I love all the seasons, but am ready for the next one when it comes. I can't handle the heat to much either, but like when it gets hot. Haha, that doesn't really make sense, but since I don't work outside in the heat I guess it works. Only time I really go out in the summer is to the park or boating and there I have the option of getting wet! Soooo anyhoo, what do I like about fall starting? Getting to wear Kaaren's new adorable clothes on her. Haha! Wearing regular jeans, boots if I want, caramel apples... already made a batch this year!

    1. Kirsten sent me some pics of Kaaren in her adorable outfits. <3 She's so cute! I miss her!
      I hate shorts, so I'm excited for jeans. *winks*

  4. Fall, Autumn! Give them to me! Best. Season. Ever.
    Prayers for rain!

  5. LOVE FALL! I just can't what to dress up in cute Fall outfits! I'm doing a post on some of my favorite Fall outfits. so if you want to see them go to Its my blog, but it has my moms name on it so don't get confused. ;D ~Kylie