Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Living and Living Well

Well, hello again!
 I haven't really much to write that would be terribly interesting, but I thought I'd just give a little update on my life. :)
 The weather has been pretty warm these days, (sometimes too warm) sunshine and blue skies, and I've been loving driving through all of the pretty countryside, studying the mountains, trees and pastures lovely enough to paint.
 Mt. St. Helens always looks so majestic against a clear blue sky, towering over the trees and valley, warming my heart every time I gaze at it's snow-capped top.
 Now, I've got Scandinavian blood in my veins, which might explain why the heat drives me crazy at times ;)
 When you get panicky in too much heat, it'd be nice to have AC, something we don't have, unfortunately.
 Don't get me wrong. I LOVE sunshine, but I say when it hits the 80's, it's just too hot!
I always said that the mid 70's is a perfect temperature, but not many people agree ;)
But even I have been enjoying the nice weather, and we've been taking advantage of it, believe me.
Walks to the park, laying in the sun...Just soaking up that good vitamin D! :D
 Sundays are always my favorite, because us young people (my aunts, siblings and cousins) usually eat out after church, and with such a large group, we often get stares and some looks.
 I enjoy the boys rowdy but innocent fun, and they always lighten up the mood around the table.
Last Sunday, however, we didn't eat out. In fact, we didn't even go to church!
 Saturday Mindy, my aunt, went into labor, so all of the kids, plus Kimberly and Lando (they came down from Cheney for a visit) came to stay the night.
 We all rejoiced at the arrival of little Joshua that night, a bundle of joy from God!
Now when you have one shower and all those people staying over, we knew it would be useless to try to make it to church, but my parents were able to.
 Well, short post, but I've run out of things to say. ;)
I'll try to make the next one more interesting. :D
                                                                 In tearing hurry,


  1. Thanks for writing. I always enjoy an update:)

  2. :) you wouldn't like living here then! But then we do have AC so that is nice... enjoyed your post...

    1. I think I wouldn't mind the heat SO much if we had AC... :) I can handle it if it doesn't last too long ;)

  3. :) you wouldn't like living here then! But then we do have AC so that is nice... enjoyed your post...

  4. I LOVE heat! ;) I also LOVE snow! LOL! Great update!

  5. I'm just like you with the heat, once it reaches 80* I hope it doesn't last too long! Enjoyed your update, and we're so happy to have Joshua here with us!