Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Typewriter

So most of you already know that I have a typewriter, but I thought I'd do a picture post on it anyways. :D
 I had mentioned before that I was looking for a typewriter, so when Grandpa and Sue were at an antique shop and saw one, they decided to give it a look.
 It was in excellent condition, and it priced at $75, if I remember correctly.
They texted me and asked how much I was willing to pay, and if I wanted them to buy it for me.
 $75 for an antique typewriter that worked like new?
Of course I did!
 The lowest I found on Amazon was $120, and it wasn't in very good condition.
So needless to say, they bought it for me and I paid them back.
 The letter 'P' on one of the keys is missing, but I did typing in school and I know that it's a 'P' without looking, so it's no big deal to me. ;)
 A while back I looked up the serial number on the model and found out that it was made somewhere around 1938-1939, and it's an American make.
 Pretty cool, huh?
I know I was excited to know that someone during World War II owned it, and maybe even used it to write letters to their soldier overseas! (I know, I have quite the imagination)

Sorry about the boring pics. I plan to do a photo shoot of it outside someday

Whoops! forgot to put my blog address on it. All rights reserved

I just typed random songs and speeches on this page, for the picture, so don't be confused if you read the words and they don't all make sense ;) 

And that's it! I really love this typewriter, and I know it will last a long time, so I can enjoy it for years to come! :D
Hope you enjoyed it,


  1. <3 ;P I like the second picture a lot!

  2. My heart is happy when I hear you ( or whoever) typing away on it. I too, can just imagine a young lady writing to her love during the war ;) I am glad Grandpa and Sue were able to find this for you!! :):)

  3. I LOVE getting letters from you that are typed! So romantic!

  4. That is so cool! I love old things like that. In fact, I just went to an antique shop today, and it was awesome! :)

  5. Oohh love it! I saw an old one at Urban Basics and dreamed of buying it... For décor, if nothing else!

  6. Oohh love it! I saw an old one at Urban Basics and dreamed of buying it... For décor, if nothing else!

  7. I absolutely love old things, too! Old typewriters are SO romantic. We went to a vacation rental that had one and it didn't work...but it was fun to tinker with anyway. :)

  8. Pretty cool! I wouldn't have a place for it in my life, but I think it's cool you do!