Thursday, May 26, 2016

Busy, Busy

So I've been pretty busy these last few days.
 I've been babysitting a sweet little boy for eight days, overnight, and even though he is a very happy boy, he still can be a lot of work, especially at nights.
 Just getting a small taste of motherhood. ;)
But I am going to miss the angel now that's he's gone.
 There is something about a little baby that brightens up your day, even if you've been getting up all night to stop him from crying.
 But most of the nights he actually slept all night, so it wasn't bad. :)
I've also been busy trying to get ready for the Memorial Day Campout this weekend, and when you go in such a large group, it can be pretty stressful.
 Yesterday we finally got all of the groceries bought, we figured out our transportation, and I got my money for paying at the entrance, so I'd say we are coming along fine. :D

I've been sketching again, something I haven't done in quite a while. Decided to try out different eras of makeup. This is forties. :)

twenties and thirties :)
These are done with pencils and an ink pen. Wanted to try something different.
Well, sorry, but that's all I've got to say for now. :)
Will try to do a post on the campout, if Daminika doesn't beat me to it. ;)
God's peace,


  1. Enjoyed enjoyed! Love your sketches!

  2. I think it is neat that you are able to watch that sweet little guy! We all enjoy him :) He really did brighten all our days!! LOVE your sketches! You have a gift!!:)

  3. You have talent! Very nice drawings!

  4. Great job on your sketches!

  5. You really have a gift for drawing! :) Marita beat you to the post on the campout. ;)

  6. I would have my post about the campout done, but our computer seems to not want me to edit the pictures! I'll have to wait until it lets me do that. :D Marita was so-o fast at posting! lol! ;P