Monday, April 4, 2016

Miss Liberty's Prayer

Since I was very young, I loved listening a song that Emily had on her gospel CD, called, "Wine Into Water" about a man begging God to help him overcome his problem.
 I never really knew why, but I loved the tune, the rhythm, and of course, the meaning.
For some reason, the song had always reminded me of America, and I secretly wrote my own words to the tune.
 I finally decided to write it down, and soon added more verses.
I have always loved my country, so strongly, that the thought of it falling into corruption was more than I could bear.
 I tried to take the burden of my nation onto my own weak shoulders, instead of leaving it in God's Hands.
 Do you know how heavy that can be?
Anyways, I just thought I'd share the song with you all....
 It is meant to be America praying...
The first two verses are basically the same as the original song.

Miss Liberty's Prayer

(1) You’ve heard a multitude of prayers on my behalf.

I pray one more is not too much to ask.

I’ve tried to fight this battle by myself,

But it’s a war that I can’t win without Your help.

(2) So many times I’ve hurt the ones You love.

I’ve pushed them to edge of giving up.

They’ve stood by me but how long can they stand,

If I don’t put this nation in Your hands?


And tonight I’m as low as any land can go,

I’m down and I can’t fall much farther.

But I’ve read that across the sea, proud nations broke and kneeled to Thee

And I’m on my knees, please show me what to do.

Could You help me give this nation back to You?

(3) I’ve forgotten what’s made this nation strong,

I’ve fallen to the wicked ways of wrong.

I’ve tried to regain the power of this great land,

But now I know that power is in Your hands.

(4) So many have fallen far into sin,

And, Oh, Lord, where do I begin?

It’s time I’ve stopped searching for something new,

When all the healing is right there in You

Repeat chorus

                                       Anyways, that's it ;)



  1. Guess I don't know the song it's following, but the words are very nice!

  2. I don't know the song either but the words are very nice!:)

    1. I want to add that I seem to also have the same struggles when it comes to this Great country of ours ....and reading this again, I got the chills :)

  3. Aww, that seems to be my struggle too. Nice words.:)

  4. I want to say, "WOW! I love it!" But that's what everyone else already said! ;)