Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Husband....The Man He Must Be

All girls have their own little fancies of their future spouses, like what they will look like, talk like, and even dress like.
 We lay on our beds and dream of how wonderful he will treat you, how he will open doors for you, talk to you like you were a queen worth serving...
 And those things aren't so bad to hope and dream for, right?
But the other night, I realized there is something much more important.
 And so I decided to make up my own little "list" of my future husband 'requirements'.
The man I marry must be polite, kind, caring, and considerate.
 He must treat his mother and father with love and respect, his siblings as his dear friends, do well with babies and little kids.
But most of all, he must love God with all his heart, mind and soul.
 He must be able to sit down with my parents and other elders, speak truthfully and from his heart about his faith and his Lord, without embarrassment or hesitation, and truly, truly, believe what he is saying.
 He must look to Jesus Christ as his Savior and Redeemer and have the Holy Spirit within him.
He must be able to encourage me in my faith, uplift me, and with God's help, I pray I can do the same for him.
 These things are important to both God and to me, and this what I pray for each night before I close my eyes to dream.
 A man who has the love of God within his heart.
Just some thoughts tonight. :) I hope you enjoy.
                                                                 God's peace,


  1. Some very good prayers to have on your heart :) The best qualities to pray for!! It is also mine and Daddys prayer as well!:) But remember, he will also be a sinner like you and I and so he will make mistakes :) I love you! :):)

    1. OH, I don't expect him to be perfect.... Maybe I should have mentioned that

  2. Some good thoughts and prayers!

  3. Good thoughts and prayers...I just heard something recently that is food for thought for you single ladies;)...and us married ladies as well...God will be giving you to him and not him to you...

    1. Good thought... Sets me to thinking. Being wife sometimes sounds kind of scary :) hehe