Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Picture Post...Again!

Ah, the romance! Kaysha and Roger's wedding was absolutely beautiful and wonderful, and it will now have a place in my heart for all of my cherished memories.
 Serving the bridal table wasn't too bad, and I actually kind of enjoyed it. :)
Kaysha looked like Cinderella, Roger was the perfect prince charming, and they both looked so happy, it was the best wedding I have attended in a long time! :D
 Now that all of the hustle and bustle is over, I can get back into a regular schedule.
Last Saturday we were pleasantly surprised by my dear friend Kimberly!
 She is staying with us for two whole weeks, and I am so excited to have her for a while. :)
The guys helping out with the decorations

We filled all of these cages and lanterns with flowers and candles

So fairytale-ish! :) Love

The big day! Marita was a huge reason the wedding was possible and I think she did a wonderful job as personal attendant :) She deserves a medal!
Oh, Kaysha is so lovely, isn't she? *sigh* She was a beautiful bride, and Roger was so proud

Liberty caught the bouquet :)
Saying goodbye, and then they're off!

These girls are wonderful! :) Such good memories
Yeah, I know it's a random picture to post! ;) But when this pulled up next to us at Freddie's, I was ecstatic! Just had to share with you all! ;)

The awesome sunglasses that my sweet brother bought me for Christmas :) 
Isn't he just the best?

Beautiful view on the drive home....Oh, I love living here!

Kimberly surprised us all with a visit, and we got to keep her for two weeks!

Burgerville! Kimberly always requests to go there for lunch since they don't have one in Cheney

After church we went shopping at the mall
Kimberly asked to see the ocean before she left, so the next Sunday we headed to the beach after church
It was a BEAUTIFUL day, and the drive was gorgeous :)
Since Daminika posted more of the beach, I wasn't going to put up any pictures of the trip. :)
Some other things that have been happening....I passed my drive and am now a licensed driver!
 Yay! Applause all around! ;)
 I can't even tell you what a load it is off of my mind to have it done and over with. :) Stress gone in a second.
 Well, I can't think of anything else to say right now. So, I'll be seeing you all later! ;)
                                                           God's peace,


  1. Very nice update. Beautiful wedding, fun times with Kimberly and YAY!!! You have your license!!! A huge stress load off your dear old mama too;)

  2. Nice pics :-) I'm happy you for you that you got your license!

  3. Thank you for the update...I'm glad you let Kimberly come back home;)

  4. Hooray! You have your license! :D I had the best time hanging out with ya'll!;)