Saturday, February 2, 2019

Question//I Need Your Help

I tried to get the theme as much as I could 

I have been working on a novel for some time now, and I am happy to say it's been a slow, steady progress. I hope to be finished with it before 2020, but we will see...
 Anyways, I have been toying around with a title for quite a while, but nothing seems to really catch my attention. 
I was wondering if the blogger world could help me!
 First, I better give you a quick summary of the main plot point.

Setting: Eastern Oregon (fictional town in the mountains) 1939-1945 

Themes: God's everlasting love, dealing with grief, World War II, music, the bond of family

Characters: A young girl, newly married. A Christian mountain family

Although Katie is the main character in this story, there are many key characters that play a big role and the book basically centers around the entire Hayes family. 
 After losing their father, the family struggles to cope with the empty place at table, and the members slowly begin to pull away from each other. 
Katherine, "Katie", is newly married and also has to learn to cope with the problems and joys of marriage, while trying to find a way to bring the family back together again. 
 Without giving away too many spoilers, the family has to deal with a lot more grief later on in the book, and only the strength and love of God can keep them from completely falling apart. 
 *bounces a little in the chair, because I want to tell so much moooore*

Because of the Hayes' love for music, I was toying around with the idea of using a song title or lyric for the book's title. 

I Know Who Holds Tomorrow? 

He Leadeth Me? 

 Maybe a hymn? Or even an old folk song? Or even a Bible-verse-inspired title? What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below! I'm kind of stuck right now


  1. Super exciting!! Sounds like an amazing story. You're a great writer and I am so proud of you.
    I prefer "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow" over "He Leadeth Me". But a folk song title would also be super cool! I'm not really sure what folk songs there are out there with good titles for you to pick from... but it seems like it would be fun to do that for your book title.
    Can't wait to see what you decide on.

    Sophy of

    1. Thank you so much! ♥️ It's still a work in progress, but I'm trying to get it done sooner than later.
      Yeah, I can't seem to find any songs that seem to grab me. But I'm looking!

  2. I remember this story, but I'm sure you've changed it so much since I've read it a part of it! And I never did know all your "spoilers". *Wink* I'd like to read this when you're done with it!

    I think a song title is a really good idea since they love music so much!

    Here is one idea for you, though not a song title:
    My Song in the Night (From Psalm 77:6)

    1. Lol, yeah it has changed quite a bit! I would love for you to read it once I'm finished.

      Oh, good one! Thanks! I'll add it to my list.

  3. "In the Pines"
    "There is a happy Land"
    "Oft in the Stilly Night"


    "Over Yonder"
    "Tomorrow is always fresh"
    "Onward to Tomorrow"

    I can't wait until it's all done!

    1. I'm trying to get it finished so I can start polishing and letting other people read it!

  4. Excited! I have played around with writing novels for about four years, now. I guess you could call it my hobby. Liberty told me you were working on a novel.

    I like the idea of a song title since that sounds like something they love. I also like "I know Who Holds Tomorrow"

    Some other ideas that came to mind while I was reading this were, "Daddy Sang Bass" "Down Home" "A Long Line Of Love"

    I hope to read your novel!

  5. I want to read it! How bout "A Might Fortress Is Our God", or "Safe in the Arms of Jesus"? Both are song titles.