Monday, August 7, 2017

In the Good Old Summertime//Life Update

Flowers and the view from 'My mountain'. Silver Star

It's me again!
 I haven't been on here in a while. *my apologies*
So much has been happening!
 Felicity's boyfriend Josiah flew out from NH and it was busy week, showing him the local sights and enjoying summer.
 We hiked 'my mountain' *giggles because every member of my family calls it their mountain* and went to Johnston Ridge Observatory to look at Mt. St. Helens.
 I got burnt, but it was fun!
I always enjoy hiking, although I personally like it better when it's cooler. I have a hard time handling heat!
 Not necessarily cold and cloudy, although that can be fun hiking in, too. I just prefer clear skies but 75 degrees at the most. ;)

  So, anywho!
I also took a trip up to Tri-Cities, which was awesome!
 I enjoyed snuggles with little cousin Kaaren and Chase, and hanging with my bestie, Kirsten Jean!
It was hot, there, too, but that's to expected! I mean, it's the desert. lol
 There were a few moments, like then poor Chase fell headfirst into a bucket of cement, and when Konner hurt his head, which turned black and wasn't as bad as it looked! but the kids were basically great, and it was fun babysitting them.
 Sweet little Kaaren would fall asleep on me, and my heart would swell in my throat.
These are the moments that make me long to be a mom.

 When we weren't watching the kids, we drove around in Kirsten's awesome Jeep, listening to music, getting sweaty and hot, but making memories! <3
 Once, when we were sitting in a bakery, chatting, an old woman approached us and asked our ages.
We told her and she smiled and said, "You girls are just dazzling. I mean, you couldn't get any more beautiful. I see all these girls these days that look trashy, but you are lovely!"
 I felt so encouraged by that!
I often feel like I haven't been shining my Light enough, or perhaps don't talk to people enough about my faith.
 But when she did that, I felt so happy!
Sometimes we can simply shine our Lights by living in the way God wishes us to, and others will see the difference. It isn't our light. It's His.
 After the two weeks on Tri-Cities, we headed back home, in time for Kirsten Jean to stand in a wedding.
 She was so beautiful with her long hair braided, and looking so sweet and graceful in her bridesmaid dress. I could have cried, she was so gorgeous! *squeals*
 This morning, she joined my sisters and I, along with Emily, on a hike up Bell's Mountain Trail.
It was super hot, since we are having a drought, but so much fun!
 Basically, it's been a busy summer, full of swimming, hiking, family, traveling, coffee, milkshakes, and fun!
 Quiet moments, sitting on the swing and listening to the wind, crazy moments with cousins, and it's been a great summer.
 Can't believe it's nearly over! Already!
 And here have random pics from my cell.

Back home from NH, I snapped this pic.


'The Lady' St. Helens

Grandpa S came for a visit! And yes, a squirrel decided he was great

Sitting around the fire, listening to singing

We also took Josiah to the beach! Aren't they cute?

Kaaren Sue! Little angel

Dirty boys back from work! Kaaren was glad to see them

Well, sorry, it's sort of meshed together, and ramblings, but it's hot in here and we have no AC. 
 So, so long ya'll until next time! I'll be back! lol


  1. gotta love the heat of this summer... not ;P I would like a little rain now, thanks ;D
    But it sure has been great XD

  2. Looks like fun!! St. Helens is beautiful. <3 <3 Loved all the photos!!

    Sophy of

  3. Sounds like you've been busy! And having fun, too! :)

  4. Looks like you have been having a fun summer! :P

  5. Lovely pictures and lovely update :) Enjoyed!

  6. Enjoyed reading this! I didn't know about the little old lady telling you that, how awesome and encouraging!