Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I Like to Think//Different Kind of Poetry

I Like to Think
I like to think.
When the wind blows through the trees, and the branches sway,
As the dimming sun shows the closing of day,
I like to think.
When the rain is going gently, over the wet, wonderland,
As the raindrops fall with a plink, on my outstretched hand,
I like to think.
When the fire crackles in the crisp evening air, and the flames dance,
As the stars twinkle down when you give an upward glance,
I like to think.
When I hear the music in a small child’s laughter, and see the joy,
As I feel the sticky kisses of a happy little boy,
I like to think.
When my mother gives me her warm smile, and pats my hand,
As she assures me God gives the strength to stand,
I like to think.
Yes, in the quiet, peaceful moments, of a fast-paced life,
Where there is so much pain, so much strife,
I like to think.
I think of the pain I’ve seen, yet the peace that I have felt,
Of how many times on my knees I’ve knelt.
And then in these moments, I smile, for it’s good to know,
That I am so very, very blessed, and as the years go,
Even when the days are weary, and the nights are so very long,
These moments will come and go, and they will keep me strong.
In the quiet moments at dusk, when the Ancient Words are read,
As the psalms and hymns dance through my head,

I simply listen. And my soul is at rest.

LaKaysha Stenersen
August 9, 2017

A little jumbled, I suppose. But generally, my thoughts are. 
 Not the style I usually write in, but....*shrugs*