Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Q&A Tag

 Hello, blog world! *waves*
It's raining!
 Maybe that doesn't seem like much to you, but I've been dying for rain! <3
It's been snowing WAAAY too much for my liking, and around here, when the rain comes, you know that spring is finally on it's way.
(Actually, most winters are nothing but rain, and it'll probably rain for another four more months now, but I happen to like rain... So there. LOL)

Now, that being said...I was tagged for the Q&A Tag! :D
 Thank you, Shantelle
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1) Favorite book you've read this year?

WELL....I haven't had much time to read lately...
 I actually have only read one book this year. *blushes*
'Passin Through' by Louis L'Amour. It's a good one! <3
2) A restaurant you love, and what do you usually order?

I have too many favorites to name one! So I'll be like my sisters and name three. ;)
 Olive Garden: Tour of Italy (I actually order this or another meal just as often but...AHEM I don't know how to spell it. haha)
 Rocky's Pizza: Lightweight Pepperoni
Mill Creek: Roast Beef and Pretzels w/cheese
3) What's one movie/TV series that has impacted you? Why?

 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' really got to me the first time I watched it.
It's just packed full of patriotism and morals....I truly made me feel proud to be an American, proud to be a lowly little citizen and actually sparked an interest in the Supreme Court! lol
 I'm not one for politics, but this movie isn't just politics.
It's about standing up for what's right even when it seems as if the whole world is against you, screaming in your face, laughing at you, mocking you.
 It stirred up the fire in me, I'll have to admit. ;)
And they mention my hero, Abraham Lincoln, quite often, so it really snagged me. haha
4) Do you prefer cold cereal or oatmeal?
Well, depends on the kind of oatmeal or cereal. lol
 Soaked oatmeal is OK, but I'm not a huge fan of cold cereal, either.
I guess it doesn't really matter to me. I don't like breakfast foods. ;)
5) Love being with people, or would you rather be a loner?

Well, both, I guess.
 I don't really want to be alone all the time, but I do enjoy my quiet moments, and I'm sort of 'anti-social' at times. lol
 But then again, I do wish to be with people, to get in a nice, intelligent conversation with someone, and I enjoy laughing and talking with friends.
 I can get 'peopled out' and get lonely.
So a little of both is good and healthy for me. 
6) A book cover you love? 

Well, all the old Louis L'Amour covers!
 But I can't really name them all, you know....
If it was published past the 80's, I don't really like the cover. (All right, I'm a creature of habit, I admit it!) 
 I grew up reading Louis L'Amour's that were my dad's, so most of them were pretty old, and I loved looking at the covers, even before I could read.
 The artist just caught the mood, the era, and your instant attention with his work.
I enjoy drawing and painting, so I've always had an eye for a nice piece of art, and many times I've practiced my drawing by copying one of his covers! :D
 The new ones just don't make the cut.

7) What trait do you, personally, think is important for people to have?

Well, I think a person should be generally happy, I guess, but Daminika already said that, so....
 Having the ability to laugh and joke, but also take important things very seriously.
8) A favorite thing about blogging?

Connecting with all these awesome girls!
 It's wonderful to reach out to other Christian girls, getting and giving encouragement, and to know we share the same love. Our Lord Jesus Christ
9) What's one wish of your heart?

Well, besides to marry and have dozens of children?
 Living for God in whatever way He wants me to, to seek His will, and to always be growing in grace, each and every day.
10) Could you share about three blessings (big or small) that have touched your day?

 Today? Well, not much happened today....
Could I share some from the week?
 Rain! (But I already shared that)
Like Daminika already said, seeing the beautiful bond we have with our family, and feeling the love as we all gathered together to comfort each other and to simply know, that no matter what happens, they'll always be there for you.
 Blest be the ties that bind. :)
And lastly, I am so blessed to have a bed.
 It's really quite comfortable, you know.
You can laugh if you want to, but some people don't have nice beds, and I greatly appreciate mine. ;)

I think I've run out of people to tag....
 But if you haven't been tagged, feel free to do this anyways, and let me know!
I'd love to read it.
 And all you followers who don't have a blog, you can still answer the questions in your comments if you'd like! :)

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4: Do you have a nightly ritual (like me!) and what is it?
5: How often do you wear makeup?
6: Favorite actress/actor?
7: Are you a Daddy's girl or Mama's girl?
8: Favorite flavor of ice cream?
9: Beef jerky or potato chips?
10: What's a strange thing you always do?



  1. Maybe I should try out Louis L'Amour, since you all seem to love his writing so much! :)

    Ooh, I enjoy Mill Creek! Yum! Last time I went there I got a hamburger and sweet potato fries, with some spicy ketchup ... it was rather good. :)

    YES! Laughter is the best medicine. ;) I really appreciate having serious conversations, but just laughing with friends and family is amazing. :D

    Love the wish of your heart! <3

    There's something comforting about rain to me. But besides that, I'd take it over snow for sure! :D
    So good to be able to lean on each other!
    That is a blessing, I appreciate my bed too! :D ^_^ Nothing like getting restful sleep in your warm, cozy bed. :)

    Really enjoyed reading this, LaKaysha! :)

    1. I just love Louis L'Amour, but not many girls do, so don't feel bad if you don't fall head over heels in love. ;)
      I just think he has a very simple but poetic way of writing, and most of his stories are intriguing and fun! :D

      Have you ever had Mill Creek's pretzels w/cheese? It's sooooo good! <3

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. That's my sister! Not a thing surprised me! ;P
    I know how you love our bed... interesting.
    I love Louis L'Amour's covers, too! I read one that had one of those new covers, and I almost couldn't do it! It didn't even smell right! ;P

    1. I know, I'm weird when it comes to my bed. ;P

      The new ones are awful!
      They don't smell right, the pages don't flip nearly as smoothly, and the some of the covers are just so ugly . Ugh. ;)

  3. Haha! It's sunny today and I was thinking to myself that I just love the sun! But I do need my rain, too! ;) Yes, love the wish of your heart!! :)

  4. Good answers! It's always interesting seeing people do tags.

  5. Love your answers and the questions! Q&A's are so much fun. <3

  6. Yes! Mr.Smith Goes to Washington! It's one of my favorites but none of my friends have seen it so I can't talk about it to anyone! Love your answers

  7. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is so good! I haven't seen it in awhile, but your words on it reminded me of how inspiring it was! Definitely want to see it again. :)