Friday, October 7, 2016

My Bedroom

All right, I finally got around to putting up pics of my room, even though my little sister already posted on her blog...cheater.
 Anyways, it's still a working progress, but I am loving it!

My sweet Daddy even insulated the floor!


And the finished project!

My dad built is an open closet, and re-trimmed the window, door, and floors.

And he built this adorable door! Isn't gorgeous? He picked out the hinges because he knew
all us girls LOVE the look of rustic hinges. <3
 Our room is now stacked with boxes, and dressers are lined up against the wall, but I haven't time to post those yet.
 And we still need shelves built for our books, ect., so still lots to do.
 When we finally get it finished and decorated, I will upload them for ya'll!


  1. Yes, your door is gorgeous!! :)

  2. Beatcha to it, huh sister? ;P
    Your pictures are better than mine anyway. :)

  3. I am SO happy you girls now have a room! :) I love the door!!! <3

  4. It IS a beautiful door and so nice of your daddy!

  5. Your room is so cute! And that door is great! My Dad is a carpenter...wooden doors are amazing :D.
    -Mic from Mic's Room (

    1. Thank you! :) And thank you for stopping by!