Monday, February 2, 2015


Lately I've been realizing how different I am from most girls of today.
I thought it would be kind of fun to name off some of the things that aren't considered "normal" by today's standards, or at least "unusual".

1. I love the woman's styles of the 1930's, 40's, and 50's. They were so much more feminine than most clothing today, although I do love the maxi skirts that are in the stores.

2. I LOVE history! Every single date and era gets imbedded in my mind, and I rub my hands together with glee each time I learn something new about America. You might say I'm just a bit passionate about these things. ;)

3. I like old country. None of that Miranda Lambert and Lee Brice, but real, clean good country  music, like George Strait, Lionel Cartwright, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Donna Fargo, Eddy Arnold...yeah, the list goes on.

4. Now here is one that gets a lot of people's attention. I love old rock music.
No, not the scream rock where people shout and jam out, but the old original rock from the 50's, where a lot of the "rock" music was slow and sweet love songs like Ricky Nelson's, "Wonder Like You" and the Everly Brothers' "Dream".
The music had so much more moral and value back then.
Almost always the guys married the girl.

5. I like the old movies. From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" to "Old Yeller", I would much rather watch them than those new mixed up love stories any day.
Movies that both children and adults can watch are much more enjoyable and edifying for all of us, and I'd rather have my kids watch "Johnny Tremain" for history rather than some lame library "educational" dvd that talks to the children as if they are three instead of twelve.

6. Books. How many girls do you know these days that enjoy reading "Sherlock Holmes" and "Uncle Tom's Cabin"?
Or Louis L'Amour's old westerns? Nancy Drew? Hardy Boys?
I still read some books that are considered childish by most people, as Nancy Drew is in the children section at the library.

7. Frank Sinatra's crooning voice relaxes me much better than Scotty McCreary's ever could. Crooners of the 30's and 40's had such moods when they sang.
 Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire are favorites, too.

8. Cowboys and bob-wire. (yes, bob-wire, not Barbed-wire. There is such a word)
I LOVE the old west and cowboys.
Spurs and chaps.
There is something so free about being in saddle, or sitting around a fire, beneath the twinkling stars.

9. Cabins and big fireplaces.

10. Big porches, picket fences and a porch swing. I guess I'm just an old-fashioned girl stuck in a very new-fangled world. ;)

             Just some thoughts!

                                                             Vaya Con Dios,


  1. I enjoyed this :) I think it is so sad that "ladies" of today do not even know what pretty is or if they do, they don't "dare" wear pretty clothes and hair styles...I also love history, to read a good book, cabin's, cowboy songs, big porches, picket fences, porch swings! AND I have learned to really enjoy those old "rock" singers too through you kiddos :) Thanks for sharing! I can see some of me in you ;) Love you kiddo:)

  2. You sound kinda like your Dear ol'Mama ;~D!!

  3. P.S. There is still some of that left in places in this grand ol' US of A! I will forever cherish my memories of living in one of those nostalgic towns.

  4. Guess we are all kinda old fashioned in this family ;-)