Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just a Story

"What was Grandma like?" she asks as she bounces on your knee,
You smile down into her eyes and answer her little plea.

You speak in gentle, earnest tones, of the sweet woman you knew,
How she loved little goats and great big skies of blue.

The honest smiles and great bear hugs, she'd always have for you.
The trips to her beloved ranch, the trips to the zoo.

"She was a wonderful person." You say, with a great deep sigh.
And one lone tear slides from your blinking eye.

For to you, Grandma was your grandma, your own special one.
A woman who filled your happy days with love, peace and fun.

Yes, to you Grandma was the dear angel, who has gone home to glory.
But to the little girl on your knee, she is just a story.
                                LaKaysha Stenersen


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  2. Awww, yeah this is so true!!! She is missed so much...I am so thankful you got to know her :)

  3. Nice poem. Catches how it is with life and death.