Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Greatest Generation

If you know me, you'll know how I am about World War II. There's something about that time period that gets me. The music, the clothing, the hair, but more importantly is the way the American people behaved. Most call the young people of World War II the "Greatest Generation".
 How right that seems to fit the brave, young boys that all left home to fight a unknown tyrant, an evil enemy. I've been told that I was silly for caring so much about it, but it's something that's always been with me. Have you read what some of our boys went through to keep you free?
The horrors and tortures they witnessed as they fought for you. Did you ever really think about it? What do you think drove them on as they faced Japanese snipers, and Nazis machine guns? They thought of all the folks at home, how they would feel if the things the enemy was doing ever happened to the people they loved. That's what kept them going. I guess it gets me a little defensive when someone says, "Oh, that was a long time ago," like it was nothing important.
 It was a turning point in America's history. Those brave men deserve to be honored, loved, and never, ever forgotten. It was by the grace of God that we won that war. Thank God for those men that He gave the courage to fight for your freedom here at home.

“When you go home

Tell them for us and say

For your tomorrow

We gave our today”

                                                                       God Bless America,
                                                                               LaKaysha E


  1. Yes, I know you and how you are about World War II :) I was just thinking about how you are so passionate about it, kinda like I am about the pioneer era..BUT even though the pioneers helped make up America they did not fight for freedom like our Verterns did.. I find myself drawn to that time period as well, for the very same reasons you are. Stay true to who you are ..I love YOU! :) And yes, let us all thank God for all the men (and women) through out History who have fought and died for our freedoms!!

  2. Yes, I've felt drawn to the World War II era, too. I know I get defensive whenever anybody thinks any history is not important, because it is. Let us never forget those that died for this country. Or those that didn't die, but sacrificed SO much.

  3. I have a boy(Kenyon) who is very passionate about all our wars :) We definitely need to thank God & our fellow man for their sacrifices then & now!