Friday, September 6, 2013


On September 7, 2007, my grandma, Nancy Warnke, flew up to heaven to "be with the one that her heart had longed to see..."
Forgive me as I wipe a few tears away, as I miss her so. She was quite a woman, my grandma. You see the picture above? I loved it the moment I saw it, as it captures her so perfectly, right down to those big plaid shirts she always wore. The smile on her beautiful face was a usual sight for anyone who knew her, as was her beautiful laugh that usually followed. If you look closely at little Emily's face, you'll notice the one tear that glistens on her cheek, the red eyes that are living proof of some pain most little girls feel, only having to go to Grandma for one small kiss, a comforting hug, and some small words of wisdom to make it all better again. Her hand is in Grandma's, clasped tightly, while she looks up adoring, as if she was viewing the most wonderful, sweetest sight her eyes ever beheld. This is truly a beautiful picture. I was a small girl when Grandma left us for a small while, but the ache in my heart is still there. Lonely doesn't even describe what I felt when Christ took her home. I cried hard, and still do when the ache gets to be too much. But, the joy of knowing I'll see her again is more than all my tears, aches and sorrows combined. The pain I saw in her eyes in her last days is gone, forever. Forever. Did you ever stop and think about it? When God comes to wrap us in His everlasting arms, the tears, the pain, the burdens of this world, will leave, never to return. Grandma was a living picture of Christ's love and His strength. The last days were such peaceful ones, its hard to describe. Heaven was just breath away. Just one breath. Oh, the joy! We're alright, brothers and sisters in Christ. We're alright. What do we have to worry about? We've already won! Christ defeated death and the devil, and we have absolutely nothing to worry about. Rest your hearts on that, as I do. I know I'll see Grandma again. And I'm so thankful for the days I had with her before it was her time to go.
"When God comes and gathers His jewels, all his treasures of diamonds and gold, I'll meet you up there, up in heaven so fair, When God comes and gathers His jewels..."
                                                                                             Vaya Con Dios,


  1. Beautifully written! I too, miss her so much but I also rejoice her pain is gone and we will see her one day again soon! :) I am thankful all you kids got to see her and know her( though Chancy and Liberty have very lil memories). I love you! Yes, one day soon we will all get to see Jesus face to face!!

  2. Made me cry :) But oh, so true!

  3. I got pretty close to crying, too. Yes, she's in heaven and we'll gather around Jesus's feet with her someday.