Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Merry and Bright Tag

I was 'unofficially' tagged by Marissa for this tag, so I thought I'd give it a try.
 (Meaning she walked up to me and literally tagged me in person, because she forgot to online. lol)


Favorite movies to watch at Christmas time:

It's a Wonderful Life
Holiday Inn
Little Women
An Avonlea Christmas
Mrs. Miniver
Shop Around the Corner

I'm sure there are lots more, but I really can't think of any?

Some Christmas songs that make me want to sing:

It's the Most Wonderful Time of Year
Silver Bells
Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Winter Wonderland 
Wonderful Christmas Time
This My Prayer for You

Some Books that I love in the Winter:
I really don't read any specific books in the winter, so I guess I'll just name a couple books that I adore in any season. ;)

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
Nancy Drew (for old-time's sake) by Carolyn Keene
Heart of India series Linda Chaikin
Shalako by Louis L'Amour
Dark Canyon by Louis L'Amour
Bendigo Shafter by Louis L'Amour

Some Christmas goodies that make me smile:

French bread and homemade cheese dish
Mocha truffles
chestnuts, almonds and other nuts, cracked with my Grandma's old nutcracker. <3
peppermint milkshake from Burgerville
hot apple cider
candy canes
sugar cookies

Some Christmas-y words that make me happy:

Merry Christmas

Some things about Christmas that are awesome:

The gathering of family and loved ones
sitting on the floor and gazing up at the tree
secrets and hidden presents
The joy and peace that seems to overtake the world

Favorite Christmas memories:
Hmm.... well, let's see.

When we used to live in the Yellow House, my big sister and I ran outdoors in our purple robes and slippers to catch the falling snow on our tongues, and I can still feel the cold on my cheeks at the memory. <3
Listening to John Denver sing as my sister and I (Felicity, again) jumped from couch to couch, and every once in a while I would cry, 'I flit, I float. I make believe I fly!'
 (Not sure if those are the right words, but that's what I said) haha
Another special memory is lying on my stomach, on my Grandma's kitchen floor, as the women stepped around us to prepare the meal, intently coloring a picture from the old Christmas coloring books and enjoying the smells and constant murmur of voices. 
 Speaking of voices, nothing takes me back like hearing my Grandpa read the Christmas Story in his low voice, so soothing and gentle, and I can close my eyes to become a little girl again.

Some Random Things that make THIS Christmas Special:

My cousin, who I never see, coming to our Warnke Christmas, and bringing his girlfriend with him!
 It so nice to meet her, and seeing him was wonderful.
My uncle Casey playing and singing for us. <3
 Hm.... Having a bedroom to sleep in makes this Christmas awesome! lol
Now I don't have to worry about my parents hanging the stockings in the living room, which is where I used to sleep. ;)

Well, that's it!
 I hope you enjoyed it, ya'll.

I tag:
Emily at Living Through Jesus 
Michaila at Mic's Room

Don't freak out.
You don't HAVE to do it. lol



  1. Enjoyed, sista! ;P
    I already tagged Michaila, but I guess she can be tagged twice. ;P ;D

  2. Such neat time of year... and I can actually see and hear you in the memories you shared :) <3

  3. Loved!
    I can't believe I forgot Mrs. Miniver. Don't we usually try to watch that for New Years?
    Sweet memories <3

  4. Loved! Your memories made me cry, I too remember lying on the floor in our kitchen coloring and I loved the smell of the old crayons and coloring books! I can't believe I forgot Mrs.Miniver tho I think it's better for the new year.. idk why.. ;)

  5. I remember lying on the floor coloring too!! Such memories!I remember the year that all the grandkids got coloring books...I colored an angel in my coloring book. I remember using a sparkly crayon from the crayon bin and thinking the crayon was so special, because we didn't have sparkly crayons! ;) :)

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    2. And thanks for tagging me! I already had the post half done before I was ever tagged! It looked like fun so I wanted to be ready. ;)

  6. Just have to add, that the smell of the crayon drawer is way too special. ;P And I remember how hard it was to get it open - if we didn't get Clint or someone to do it for us, crayons would fly all over the place when it finally would pop open. ;P
    How did they cook with all those crayons, books, and kids on the floor? ;D