Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A New Season

Fall is around the corner, guys!
 Is anyone as excited as me?
I have always loved fall...the smell of rain on the green grass, a warm fire in the stove, pumpkins, apples and cider... ah, it doesn't get much better than that.
 It's always exciting for me whenever a new season approaches, no matter which one.
I guess I am always looking forward to the change of seasons.
 When it's nearing the end of winter, I am ready for summer, and whenever summer finally comes to a close, I wait for winter with excitement. haha
 One of my favorite things we do in the fall is our annual Fall Party or Harvest Party, whichever you prefer.
 As Christians, we do not celebrate Halloween, but we do get together to celebrate the coming season before winter sets in and we are all cooped up forever.
 I guess it's the same idea that the earlier generations had whenever they got together to celebrate the harvest before the snows came. :)
 Well, anyways, we gather together to eat delicious food, drink apple cider and other spicy drinks, and to enjoy each others company.
 Something my Grandma started when I was young was a costume party to go with our gathering.
I am a historical fashion nut, so it has always been something I enjoy, because I can put my knowledge of past clothing to use. ;)
 I thought maybe I would share some costume idea with ya'll, if you are interested. ;)

Time eras are always fun.
 1800's, 1900's, maybe even future fashion would be interesting! ;)
I have done the 1940's many times (a personal favorite era of mine), but any era can be lots of fun!
 If you wanted to dress up 30's, but don't have much for fancy dress, all you need is a skirt that comes below your knee, a blouse and sweater, and a cute little beret atop pin curls.

 The 1960's is also a easy era to do on a budget!
A tunic or shorter dress overtop leggings or tights is all you need really, because the hair and makeup is really what makes the look.
 Blue eye shadow, thick black eyeliner and ratted hair is perfect for the 60's.

Eras aren't the only theme I have done, though. ;)
 There is always your typical princess, bride, cowgirl, or Mommy.
Last year my little cousin Evelyn was a Crayon!
 It was adorable!
She wore a pink sweat outfit and taped the word 'Crayola' up her side in black tape, and wore a paper cone atop her head for the crayon's point.
 Clever, huh?

My sister was a Spanish senorita one year, and wore a long, full, tiered skirt, a ruffled white blouse tucked in, with a colorful scarf draped over her head.
 A long blingy necklace was around her neck, and some bangles on her wrist would have been even better.
 Her hair was in a tight bun, and she did her eye makeup dark to create a more Spanish look.

If you have money and wanted to go all out, there are other ideas.
 You could dress up like your ancestors would have (Swedish, Irish, German, ect...) or there is always characters from your favorite book or movie!
 Last year my brother went as Adam Cartwright from Bonanza. *smiles*
Anne Shirley, Jo March, Huckleberry Finn, Peter Pan, or Robin Hood are just a few ideas.

I was actually Maid Marion one year. :D

'Anne Shirley'

Then there are real people.
 George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Betsy Ross, Clara Barton, Jacky Kennedy, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn....
 So many choices!

Any ideas of your own?
 I would love to hear them!



  1. Nancy Drew! You forgot to mention Marita's Nancy Drew costume! That was the best! (love, love, LOVE Nancy's style ;P)

  2. LOVE fall! Is and will always be my favorite season! <3 I'm just not a heat person I guess? Neat idea's!

  3. I haven't really been thinking about the Fall Party yet so I'm fresh out of ideas. ;) Neat ideas, though! :)

  4. Very neat ideas. Maybe we could come for the party this year!!We shall see...:)

  5. Neat ideas!! :) I also enjoy the changing seasons...Fall is so cozy! :)

  6. I enjoy the changing seasons also, but this year it seems like it's gone really fast. Maybe having a new baby has something to do with it?!

  7. I enjoy the changing seasons also, but this year it seems like it's gone really fast. Maybe having a new baby has something to do with it?!

  8. Yes, it's always nice when fall arrives :-)