Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Own Memory Lane

I read Felicity's blog post about her own memories, and I began down my own memory lane, where life was so much simpler, and so much sweeter.
 I remember going to The Friendly Farm in with all of the family, and feeding the baby goats from my hand, and feeling a little nervous, while my Aunt Marita picked up one kid.
  Most of my earliest memories are from the ranch or New Hampshire.
I remember laying in a throw, giggling, while I stared up at my uncles Nolan and Marlon as they held the corners and swung me gently, laughing. I wasn't too happy when they put the other kids in with me. I was slightly selfish then... ;)
 Swinging on the giant rope swing in the Ranch's barn, Grandma smiling at me and giving me push while telling me to hold on tight.
 Playing 'house' in the room in the barn, mixing sawdust and water in old pots, while Felicity swept the concrete floor, and Marissa pretended to start a fire in the old stove.

This Saturday, the family had a barbeque, so we could spend some time with Mikey and Missy, who were visiting for the weekend.
 I watched the little kids run around the yard, playing "war" while Chancy and the boys captured them and dragged them off to their base.
 I was swept away into a different time, when I was one of those little kids being taken prisoner and carried away to the big kids base, which usually was Grandpa's shop.
Little Casey and Marissa were almost always the captains of the big kids, while Austin and I were the little kids leaders. Oh, where has the time gone? I wish I could go back and truly appreciate the time I had with Austin and Casey...

One year I went with my mom to drop Felicity off at Casey and Debby's for Little Casey's birthday party, and Austin came running out of the house, and bounced in front of the van window, asking if I could stay, too. My mom agreed, and I happily jumped out of the old van. We had a lot of fun building a fort out of tarp and wood, while the sun danced between the swaying trees. Such good times...

The most clear memory I have is the day my sweet, wonderful grandma finally left her cancer behind and went to be with our Savior. I was watching a movie, but I don't recall what it was, with the other kids, when Felicity came in, her head down, and her eyes red. She stopped in front of me, and whispered, "Grandma died."
  I couldn't believe it. I had known she would, but when those words were spoken, I couldn't get my mind around it, and I glared at my sister to show her that I didn't think she was funny.
 She had to be joking. It wasn't possible.
But I knew by her red face that she wasn't lying, and I jumped up from the Lazy Boy, running to throw back the blanket that hung in the doorway of the dining room where Grandma was staying. The sound of crying could be heard, and it was Uncle Clint who put his arm around me and told me that she was in heaven now, away from pain. That is the most painful, yet wonderful memory I have....

Things seemed so much easier in those old days of childhood...I miss them a lot.
But it has been a nice walk, and it felt nice to take that little stroll.

                                            God Bless,


  1. Wonderful memories! It has been so nice to read yours and Felicity's memories! Both of you brought tears to my eyes! I love you!

  2. teary-eyed here... I miss the old days too, when I had the time to hug my little nieces and nephews and I was their auntie (or babysitter). ;)