Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just Practice

I have been trying to learn how to describe the surroundings of a setting and make the reader feel like they were there. I decided to try it with my two favorite settings....
Am I learning?
The sun was bright and merry as the flowers scented the air with their perfume. The lilies arrayed with glory greater than that of King Solomon seemed to laugh with the joy of the Lord, dancing their praises in the breeze.

The wind blew gently through the trees branches, singing soothingly to the tall grass, making it sway and wave like a grassy sea.

The mountains stood tall with the power of Nature’s God, seeming to be as a castle’s wall, sheltering all the wildlife in their shadows. The snow glistened atop their tall peaks, shining with far more radiance than that of diamonds.

A lone elk stepped from the shadow of the forest, to bend his majestic head toward the lush grass. His strong back stood tall and ready, displaying the strength of his Maker.

Meekly, a rabbit hopped into the meadow, wary of it's surroundings as it nibbled on the vegetation of this mountain land.

Birds dipped and flew through the blue sky, watching the hawk as it screams the Lord's song through the air.

The peace and tranquility of this paradise seemed be in the wind’s song, filling your heart and your very soul with the joy of the wilderness, the happiness of simply being alive in this beautiful world we live in.

Crash. Splash.
The waves crashed against the rocks, sending their misty spray into the sea air, moistening your lips and filling them with the taste of the salty water.

A seagull soared overhead, sending it’s cry echoing through the sky as it lowered it’s slender neck.

It then dipped gracefully, riding the wind with the freedom of the sea.

Waves tossed and rolled in the icy blue, sparkling like a pirate's treasure, a tribute to it's King.

The sun rose over the blue water, filling the sky with a pink tinge as the clouds parted, revealing the joy of the morning

Standing tall against the horizon, a lighthouse sits empty, a mere shell of what it used to be.

One would never know the lonely structure was once a light in the storm, leading many a sailor home from the stormy sea.

Through the years it slowly dimmed, till at long last, it was boarded up into darkness .

And now it waits, alone and unlighted, for one to come and bring light to the sea once again, and lead the lost ones home.



  1. I would say you did a very good job! I felt as if I was there with you...:)

  2. I especially liked the "Seaside" one :-)

  3. Very nice! I too like the seaside one. I feel lonesome for the lighthouse...

    1. I know... That's why I wrote it. I always feel so bad for all those empty lighthouses...