Thursday, December 12, 2013

Good Ol' Country Christmas

It's that time of year again! The aroma of cookies and other treats fill the house, making your mouth water, while paper snowflakes are cut out in their lacy dresses. Time to pop John Denver in the cd player, something I've done as long as I can remember. This year we did our tree with a "Country Christmas" theme. Twine bows are tied on the green boughs, and the old bear ornaments are hung on as well. This year we strung popcorn! 
That's something us kids have been begging to do almost every year, so we were pretty excited when we finally did it.
We had a bit snow here in "wet ol' Washington".
The pond that forms each year in our backyard froze so we had a blast ice skating on it. We also skated on Chet and Cara's pond with Carson and kids. Carla let us borrow some of their skates so we all could skate together, which made it more enjoyable. The rough boys played hockey, zipping past with breakneck speed. Us girls would squeal each time we were swept between them as they played, You can imagine us as we held onto each other and screamed until they zoomed past.
Back at home we baked sugar cookies and cut them out into shapes of snowmen, angels, and stars, before frosting them. This is a unofficial tradition in our home. Reba is also a singer we listen to at Christmas time. She's always given me a cozy feeling, reminding me of our Christmas's in the Yellow House. Those were some good times. We'd dressed up in our church dresses one year. I remember that very clearly. They were dark blue with light blue roses in them. I jumped from couch to couch with Felicity, listening to John Denver sing, "Christmas Like a Lullaby".
Well, just thought I'd let you know a little what we've been up to. Merry Christmas everyone!

                                                                                                       Vaya Con Dios,


  1. Sounds like blessed Christmas preparations!

  2. :) I enjoyed your post! Christmas is a lovely time of the year!

  3. Sounds like Christmas has come to your house! :)