Monday, July 3, 2017

Top Ten Saddest Disney Songs

Ok, so we all grew up with some songs that just got to our hearts, right?
 I mean, every kid has watched a Disney movie and cried at one point or another.
This is just my list of the saddest songs I've ever heard.
 Grab your hankies, y'all. *winks*

#10 Candle on the Water: Pete's Dragon

This poor woman! Even through all those days of people telling her he was dead, she never gave up hope...

#9 No Way Out: Brother Bear
That moment when he says, 'Your mother's not coming.'

#8 Once Upon a Time in New York City: Oliver and Co.

My heart just ached for the poor lost little kitten!

#7 Not in Nottingham: Robin Hood
 Am I the only one who had a serious crush on Robin?
'Oh, he's so handsome. Just like his reward poster.'

#6 The Best of Friends: The Fox and the Hound
This movie!
I put it going for a boy I was babysitting, remembering that I had liked it as a kid and, no joke, as soon as the opening credits came up, I was already choked up.
 Such a beautiful movie, with such an emotional plot.

#5 When She Loved Me: Toy Story

This songs always pulled my heartstrings.
 Shows the emotional side of growing up, and things changing... *sniffs because I can't watch this without crying*

#4 Your Heart Will Lead You Home: Tigger Movie
 Another one about growing up and makes me just want to blubber like a baby.
Becoming an adult, having things change...Ugh. It should be outlawed.

#3 Your Mother and Mine: Peter Pan
 Never fails to make me cry!

#2 Baby Mine: Dumbo

 Horribly heartbreaking moment in the movie..... *weeps*

#1 Someone's Waiting for You: The Rescuers

This is number one!
 I remember watching it as a kid and just bawling my eyes out, my throat choked up, tears streaming down my face while my chin quivered.
 Poor little Penny, so brave.

And there we are!
Know any of these? Agree that they are just heartbreaking?
 What other Disney songs just get to you?



  1. I remember some of them, but not the words. Just remember them being the sad part of the movies. ;) I remember "Not in Nottingham".

  2. "Sniff!" I agree with you. That is number one! So sad! No, you're not the only one. He is 'Oh, he's so handsome. Just like his reward poster.'! Lol ~ Kylie P.S. Do you know I have a blog? It is under my moms name. So don't get confused When it says "Misses Mike and Kids. ;) You can ask Liberty to show you how to get to it!

  3. *tears*
    Love! Brings back memories <3