Saturday, February 14, 2015


I know I have already done a post on stress and anxiety, but last night I was pondering it, and decided to share one of my experiences with you.

It was while some friends and I were babysitting, and as we watched the little kids run round in the yard, we started discussing the beginning of our nation and the faith of our founding fathers.

We were all in a little bit of awe at the courage most of the colonist showed in defying the King and standing up against the most powerful army in the world.

Of course, that led to discussing the state of our nation now, and whether or not we would dare to try to help and open the eyes of our leaders.

“I suppose they might lop off our heads if we spoke out.” One commented.

“They would just be doing us a favor.” I said with a short laugh, in a half-joking manner.

But then, I suddenly a thought came to me, and God filled me with such peace and joy, that I literally began to bounce up and down like a little girl, and clap my hands with glee.

“Don’t you see?” I squealed as they stared in wonder at my sudden burst of joy. “He would be doing us a favor. We have nothing to worry about! If we die, we are finally free of this mess that is happening in this world, and if we live, God is going to help us stay true and strong, and maybe even give us the courage to help this nation.”

I honestly couldn’t contain my glee as I rambled on.

“We’ve got it made! There’s nothing to worry about!”

Of course, my friends agreed, nodding their heads and eyeing me with confusion at my strange outburst.

I could never have explained to them what I felt at that moment.

God had suddenly given me the realization, that there is anything that isn’t in His hands, and He will be there to very end.

It truly hit me, that there was absolutely nothing to worry about.

Every now and then, when I start freaking out about things in this life, whether they be big or small, I try to think back to that short moment standing on that green lawn, with God’s sun shining in my face.

I have never felt such joy as I did then, and I suddenly wanted to sing out with all my being, “God is so good.”

Just a little thought this morning.

I hope I made some sense.

                                                                 God’s Peace!



  1. God's Peace is amazing! Yes, He promises to be with us even unto the end of the world! May we all, always look UP into the face of Jesus and not at this world around us! I love you!

  2. God gives us these kinds of moments so we will be encouraged in other moments that we feel so weak, just as you are seeing. He is faithful always!

  3. I know what you mean! I've thought the same thing. (: